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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

An early start to my day today, was awake at 7:30am. Like most days, I switch on the tv and the PC and make myself a fresh cup of coffee which I enjoy with my first cigarette of the day. One of the benefits of unemployment is that everything can happen at a pleasant and leisurely pace. I start out with the day's newspapers, while SKY News can be heard on the tv in the background. I read The Sun, The Mirror, The Times, The Guardian and the Independent, plus I check the headlines on Drudge.

Once that's done, I check my email accounts and since starting this blog, I make an entry. My plan today is to write this one, then come back later and make another one. Ambitious, I know.

I have to pick some mushrooms this morning, my next crop is ready for cultivation. It's the third one in as many weeks, I have about 20 of them this time, not many at all. However, they are huge, they look a bit like mutants they are so large. I think what I am lacking in numbers, I will make up in weight per shroom. Enough about mushrooms, I've bored you enough about them already.

I had my meeting yesterday and it went well. It was less of an interview and more of a briefing on training and getting me up to speed to fill-in on this senior editorial position. I have my first day of (unpaid) training next Wednesday, then two shadow shifts early in April. That's the good news. The bad news is that initially he can only offer me between 2 and 6 shifts per month. It will be very good money for what effectively is part-time work, so I will need to supplement it somehow. Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

And then, when I came home from the interview, I had a message from a friend of mine who's been keeping an ear out for jobs. He's got a friend in another company who has a job going that would suit me perfectly and I could probably stroll right into. I don't know if it is staff or freelance, I couldn't reach my friend yesterday - I'll try him again when I finish writing all this. This would be another good one to get, and if it is freelance, it could compliment the first job fairly well with minimal conflicts of interest. Things are looking up for the hippy!

I cracked a tooth yesterday, don't worry it was an upper rear molar, so I didn't go to my meeting with a hillbilly smile. This particular tooth had a very deep filling put in it, maybe 20 years ago. God, it’s scary referring to events that happened in my adult life as being 20 years ago! Anyway, the tooth was always a bit sensitive and a few years ago, it had a slight crack which my then dentist ground out for me. A few weeks ago the sensitivity started to increase and I made an appointment to see my dentist.

Now I'm lucky because I have a good NHS dentist. The surgery is hard to reach on the telephone, as they are always busy and they let the machine answer, so I need to call in personally to make an appointment. I did just that last week, the earliest they could see me was the 30th of this month. I explained about my tooth and they said if it got worse, to phone them. I got really lucky yesterday and reached them on the second try, the dental nurse remembered me and was able to squeeze me in this morning. I don't know if the tooth can be repaired or if it will require extraction, I really don't want to think about it.

With the exception of my wisdom teeth, which were removed when I was in my early twenties, I've always had fairly healthy teeth. Yes, I've had the odd filing over the years, plus one root canal that then required a crown, but overall, they have been in pretty good nick. Having this tooth implode is a bit upsetting, as it is a marker of both my age and my own mortality. I wonder what will go next.

I'm only forty-one, or as I like to think of it, forty-wonderful. It's not that old! Is it? I was thirty-wonderful a decade ago and I had a great year, I want this year to be good too. I want it to be that new beginning, a fresh start, at least professionally and creatively.

I'm moving in the right direction work-wise. Ok, I haven't got anything firmer than the promise of a handful of freelance shifts, but it is a start. I'm confident once I get into any job and they say how competent I am and experienced I am with the work, they will give me as much as they have available.

I'm also hoping that this year is a creative breakthrough for me. I think I have mentioned that I (attempt to) write and it would be very nice to actually finish something for a change. I have a fully planned and plotted screenplay ready to go, complete with an outline to follow. I just need the discipline to sit down and write it out, one scene at a time. It's a psychological, revenge thriller that I think has some potential. I just need to put the time in.

And then there is my long planned novel, which I have been working on for almost a decade. I write a chapter or two, then throw it out and start again. This time, I think I like the direction I am taking and am not going to be so quick to discard it. But enough about my writing, right now being the northlondonhippy is helping to get the juices flowing.

Anyway, I've got a few things to do before I visit my dentist. I'll be back later, if I can.

What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold!

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