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Friday, March 19, 2004

Good morning! It's a very windy and rainy day here in north London today, with gale force gusts blowing hard. I'll need to head up to my local high street soon, to pick up a couple of bits, plus make a withdrawl from the cash point as I am picking up some spliff tomorrow.

Ah, spliff, weed, grass, puff, draw, pot. You gotta love the stuff...I know I do!

I started smoking weed the night I graduated high school. It wasn't the first time I smoked it, but it was the first time I felt its pleasant effects properly. I've pretty much smoked every day since then, nearly 22 years.

For me, it gives me that extra ingredient that my body chemistry is missing. If I could have a gland implanted that secreted THC all the time, I wouldn't need to smoke, but science is not quite that advanced yet.

There have been some studies released recently linking marijuana to depression, saying if you smoke dope you are more likely to suffer from feeling down. Now, my view is the complete opposite, since I started feeling depressed long before I ever had a toke. If anything, weed helps manage my depression and people who are already depressed soon discover that it helps alleviate the symptoms. Noboby's ever going to be straight about it, but I think this is closer to the truth than anyone will admit. At least its true for me.

I re-read my first entry from yesterday, and I think I focused too much on my drug and media consumption. Unemployment has meant that I have had time to fuel both obsessions properly and I can feed both addictions at will.

Isn't grass not suppose to be addictive? That's what they say, but my experience bears out that you become psychologically addicted to it. You think you need it, I know I believe that's true.

And so what, lots of things are addictive, I smoke cigarettes and I know damn well I am very hooked on them. Alcohol can be addictive, so can chocolate. So what?

Also, I thought I would mention the death of someone famouse in the states, well famous if you are about my age and watched the original VJ line-up on MTV, JJ Jackson has died age 62. He had a heart attack.

Here's a link to his obit: JJ's OBIT

I didn't just watch JJ, I also met him a few times. I started my television career at MTV in New York, back in the mid 80s. It was the first paid (and unpaid) work I ever did in the industry.

I didn't know JJ well at all, but I met him a couple of times. He seemed like a decent enough guy and wasn't on a star trip, unlike some of the other 4 original VJs (who were: Alan Hunter, Marc Goodman, Martha Quinn and Nina Blackwood - you can guess who really liked themselves, I'm not gonna say today).

JJ was always soft-spoken away from the camera and fairly approachable. He was one of the pioneers of music video. Bye-bye JJ.

My schedule today is not what you would call "heavy", so I will probably be back later to write some more.

Oh and you might notice I added 2 new links to the right side of this page. One is a mailto: tag that will let you email me, the other is a button for contacting me on Yahoo messenger. Feel free to say "hi".

At some point, I will add the hippy's FAQ, once I find someplace clever to host it. Oh, and write it as well.

Until later, keep on chillin', you don't need to be illin'!

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