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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Hello kids. The northlondonhippy here. I've decided to start a web log and why not? Everyone else seems to have one, why not me...!

Since this is my first post, I should tell you a bit about me. I'm middled aged, well, early 40s, and I live in north London.

Am I really a hippy? Do I wear love beads and sandals? Am I high all the time? Well, I don't wear the beads or even own sandals, but I am a fairly voracious dope smoker and have been for nearly 22 years. There's a whole lotta smokin' goin' on.

I'm currently unemployed, which also adds to my hippy status. I've worked in the media for about 18 years, mainly in television. I left my last job in the summer of 2003 and have not hooked up with anything new yet.

That's not strictly true, I was promised a job by a friend of mine, which was due to start last November, but that still hasn't happened yet. Who the fuck knows why?

I had an interview about 6 weeks ago for another job. I applied for it on the net, cool huh? It was quite possibly the lowliest job I've ever come across in the media. Even lower than fetching lattes for someone like Johnny Vauhn. Nothing against the former coke dealer, he's paid his debt to society and should be free to have his lattes exactly the way he wants them, who am I to judge? But I wouldn't want to be the poor dumb fucker who has to get them. And I would ring his pencil-neck if I told me it was too foamy, or cold, or not enough nutmeg! Get your own damn latte! Anyway, I wasn't offered the job, which is not really a bad thing. C'est la vie.

Right now, I guess the best description of me is that I am a "job seeker", but this means I receive an allowance from the government, the call it job seeker's allowance - clever. I will receive £54.65 per week (rising to £55.65 per week on 16 April - yipppeeee) until the beginning of September. Fuck me, if I am still claiming benefit by then, I am gonna wanna buy a uzi, then go empty someplace crowded before turning the little Israeli automatic's barrel towards my own head and firing that last bullet squarly through my brain.

Hardly the thoughts of a true peace loving hippy.

It sucks being unemployed and my troubles didn't start there. I had a long dispute with my former employers, which meant I got to sit at home for a while before my "resignation." I'm really not suppose to talk about it, but they breached the terms of my compromise agreement 22 days after it was agreed, so fuck 'em, I can say what I like.

On the plus side, unemployment has meant that I've gotten to enjoy lots of good television I wouldn't normally have bothered watching, most notably Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it's spin-off, Angel. I've seen all of Buffy now and thanks to the net, I've downloaded every episode from the latest series of Angel and I'm up to date. If you think it's just for kids, think again, the writing and production values are top-notch.

I watch loads of things, far too many to list. I'm a total news junky. I prefer SKY News and usually have that on in the background when I am surfing the net. I like the newswall, which I still believe is very innovative (and now widely copied) and think that SKY is the fastest for breaking news. I used to be a tv news journalist, so I know a little bit about the subject. Who knows, I might be one again sometime soon. And wouldn't that be great, 'cause the hippy needs some serious bread, man.

I'm a serious film fan as well, though I don't get to the cinema as often as I would like. I'm a big consumer of media all around. I've got SKY+ here at home, which if you don't know is a hard-drive based recording system that works with SKY TV - it's great and I will rave about it more another time. I also download films from the net occasionally. Piracy, shmiracy, if its hurting business, how did LOTR: ROTK gross a billion bucks when it was one of the most-shared items on the net the week it opened in theatres? OK, when the box set comes out with all three LOTK films, I'll buy it, happy?

I'm not big on listening to the radio, not really a big fan of it. I prefer music channels, and I listen to Radio One on the shower radio, Virgin in the kitchen. Both choices have more to do with the reception I get in each room, than my tastes.

I do read lots of newspapers. Everyday, I read the online editions of The Sun, The Mirror, The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, plus ThisisLondon, and the BBC. I sometimes look at the New York Times and the Washington Post. In general, I like to stay informed.

Weekly, I read Time Magazine, Time-Out, and a decent satellite tv guide. I also subscribe to Private Eye, which is fortnightly, and Which? Magazine, a monthly. Why would a hippy need to read Which?...? I'm actually a capitalist as well as a consumer and I like to know what's best to buy.

I forgot to mention the Drudge Report ( DRUDGE ), which I also check out frequently. Yes, Matt Drudge is very right wing, and even though I'm not, I respect the niche he's carved out for himself. Also, his page is chock full of links to other news resources on the net.

I also read Popbitch ( POPBITCH ) quite a bit. I've been lurking on there for a couple of years, and have posted previously under a couple of different guises, one of which was thanked in a mailout, a long time ago. My only claim to fame. I've registered northlondonhippy as a login on PB and when I feel the need to be called a "cunt" I will drop by and say "hi". Sign-up for their mailout, it's always worth reading.

I'm also a fan of clueless_joe, who started out posting on PB. Here's a link to his site:
Clueless_joe C_j always makes me laugh.

I like Holy Moly (HOLY MOLY ) as well, but I don't have a login there, so I can't read the message board since they closed it to the public. Neither can you, but they have some other entertaining stuff on there, so have a look. They also have a mailout that is worth your valuable surfing time.

I also watch the music channels, I like Q, MTV2, but when I am in the mood for pop, MTV Hits and the Box are pretty good too. The best time for me to watch MTV is when I've taken some magic mushrooms, which you might not realize are legal in the UK, if they are fresh. Here's some links:

From the Guardian (my fav paper, naturally):
Legal Shrooms in the UK

My favourite online headshop: Everyone Does It (they also have some good forums associated with them, and you'll find the original postings from the northlondonhippy)

Another good site: MAGIC PLANTS - They also have a great stall in Camden, see their website for details.

Ok, now that you've read a little about shrooms, I'll tell you about my experiences with them.

The first time I tried them, I threw them up. They were some dry liberty caps, picked in the wild and given to me by a colleague (FYI Kids: If they're dry, they're class A, stick to fresh!).

The second time, Mrs Hippy (yes, there is one) and I munched some dry ones that a friend gave us in a restaurant over dinner. I think they might have been grown in Germany. We didn't puke, but we did giggle our faces off and generally found them fun. This led us to a disasterous experience with LSD a month or two later, but I will save that story for another day.

I discovered the fresh shrooms online purely by accident. Being a bit short of cash, I thought I would invesigate legal and herbal highs, since I hadn't really ever looked into it. When I did, I discovered you could legally purchase fresh shrooms and truffles (yes, magic truffles!)from a number of websites. I placed an order for the truffles first.

I was not impressed with them, though I took a low dose, about 15grams. A little giddyness, some giggles, but god didn't visit or even whisper to me. Then I ordered some magic mushrooms.

Specfically, I ordered 30grams of fresh Psilosybe Cubensis and they arrived the following day. This particular strain is currently the most common being sold in the UK.

Now I should mention that I absolutely hate the taste of all mushrooms, magic or not and the thought of gobbling down 30 grams of them was making me retch. So I came up with a clever idea. I threw all the shrooms into my blender, with about a pint of pineapple juice (I've since learned cranberry is better, cranberry-cherry is best!) and whizzed it up. It turned into a nasty-looking smoothy, which I was able to force down quite quickly. It tasted like shit, or more precisely what I imagine shit tasting like.

After about 20 minutes, I began to feel something happening. I had a ready-rolled supply of spliffs to enjoy during the trip as well. Before long, the lights were getting brighter, the music was sounding better and the blue carpet on my living room floor was alive with movement. It was as if I could see each individual fibre of the carpet, broken down into the different colours making up this particular shade of blue. The smoke and haze from my spliff created a spiderweb pattern in the air, which seemed to pulse and move in time to the music-videos on my television. Quite frankly I was monged and mullered for a good 4 or 5 hours. It was like my living room turned into Disneyland and I had a day pass for all the rides!

It was a very controllable trip, at no time did I feel overwhelmed by the experience. Since then, I've done them a few times and recently bought a grow kit to produce my own. I had a little sample a couple of days ago and they are indeed the real deal. I'm planning a massive trip this Sunday and will of course share the resullt afterward. I would try posting while under the influence, but the computer would be too difficult to deal with in that state.

I used to take harder drugs, mainly charlie and pills, but I don't anymore. If you still do, cool, but it got to be too enjoyable for me, so I stopped it. Now I stick to more natural substances, like shrooms and the ever-present spliff.

If you are going experiment with magic mushrooms, do your homework. Don't start with a high dose, start out low. If you want some more details, check out the SHROOMERY

Or you could always ask the hippy!

That's about it for today, wrote more than I expected. My plan is to try to post something daily. I can't promise that I will, but at least I have good intentions.

Until next time, be cool! And if you can't be cool, stay home.

Email the hippy!
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