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Monday, March 22, 2004

It's Monday morning, and I could have used a bit more sleep really, especially considering the day I have ahead of me today. I'm not unrested, but I could have benefitted from sleeping later. I went to bed at about 2am last night, set my alarm for noon, but woke up at 8am. Don't know why, well maybe I do.

The Israelis killed Sheik Yassin with a missile. He was the spiritual leader of Hamas. He was in jail for many years, but released a few years ago when the peace process in the mideast appeared to be moving forward. His death today is going to have a very serious effect on the stability of the region. Expect major retaliation and revenge against Israeli for this, they're saying Ariel Sharon personally approved the operation. I'm not going to argue whether they were right to assasinate him or not, it really doesn't matter. Now that he is dead, there's going to to be a whole new level of shit there. I'm watching live coverage of a huge his funeral in Gaza right now - showing tens of thousands of very angry people. It's not going to take long before it all kicks off.

I spent the day off my face on magic mushrooms yesterday. I've mentioned them before as it is a fairly recent hobby of mine. If you check my very first blog entry, there are several links to sites you may wish to visit for more information. They have been used by people for thousands of years and have a very strong effect.

I've taken acid a couple of times and I have to say I much prefer magic mushrooms. They are natural, easier on your system and there is no real comedown. From what I have read, you would need to consume your own weight in shrooms for them to be toxic, so physically they are fairly safe, as long as you know what you are taking.

I've never picked them in the wild and wouldn't know how to spot them anyway. All the shrooms I have had were farmed, either in Holland or here in the UK. You can order them on the net, many headshops sell them, the markets in Camden and Portobello road also have stalls which sell them.

I purchased a grow kit a few weeks ago to produce my own. It's amazingly simply, you just take the lid off the take-away style container, put it someplace slightly warm and spray it with water twice a day. The shrooms grow very quickly, I'm nearly finished with my third flush in as many weeks.

In their fresh and natural state, the mushrooms are 100% legal, the companies who sell them had this point clariifed by the Home Office in writing. They become a class "A" substance when you intentionally dry them, so its best to keep them fresh.

They are also more potent when they are fresh, though you have to consume a fair bit to get the really wild effects. I took a reasonably large dose on Sunday, but at this point I am quite experienced and know what to expect.

I always make sure I am in a safe, secure place when I trip on shrooms, physically and mentally. Evything that needs doing around the house gets done before I start. I've recently discovered that it is more enjoyable to trip during daylight hours, as the natural light makes things look better, so I ingested the shrooms at about 2pm.

As I hate the taste, I threw the shrooms into my blender with some juice and turned it into smoothie. It tasted absolutely foul, but I managed to gulp it down quickly. Then I sat down and smoked a spliff.

People can sometimes feel a bit of nausea when they eat shrooms, but this passes quickly and a joint at this stage helps minimize this feeling. Within about 15 minutes, I could feel them begin to kick in. Like any drug experience, it is a bit hard to describe, but I will try.

At first, it is almost a bit speedy, like you just had ten cups of espresso. You start to feel happy, almost euphoric, something definitely changes in your brain. Within about 30 minutes, the visual effects begin. It starts with perceiving light differently, you may notice a sudden increase in brightness on the edges of your vision, as if someone was shining a torch at you. Colours increase in brightness and intesity, your vision becomes sharper and more crisp. At this point, you might also notice things moving or breathing slightly. Patterns begin to emerge in the textures of fabric, my cat's fur breathes as well.

Now, what's happening in your brain is that the drug is making your neural synapses fire a bit quicker, meaning your brain is receiving more information than is really there, its almost a state of hyper-reality. Your mind can race, flitting from one topic to another. I find myself trying to not think, and just experience what's going on around me.

Music takes on a distinctly different quality, sounding crisper, fuller with more seperation between the individual tracks. You may experience sound as a physical sensation. It it really a lovely feeling.

Once I am peaking, I like to lose myself in music video channels. When you discover a new song or video while under the influence of shrooms, it can amazing, yesterday was no exception. I heard several songs for the first time, which really impressed me.

The first was from a band I've never heard of before, called Rasmus. The song, entitled "In The Shadows" is a hard-edged, rock-pop song and very catchy. The video is an expensive, well directed piece, and is sure to grab your attention. I don't know anything about the band, but keep an eye out, I expect it to sell well.

The next one I discovered is the latest single from N.E.R.D, called "She Wants to Move" and it blew my mind. I've read about N.E.R.D before, but never really paid attention. This song rocks! It's got a great fusion of beats, funny, nasty lyrics and some wicked guitar. I am down with these guys, I could do business with them! I'm downloading, I mean purchasing this one from my local high street retailer today!

The third song that grabbed me is the latest offering from Outkast. I've had the Speakerbox/The Love Below for sometime, and I have been hooked on Dre3000's disc. "Hey Ya" is as close to perfection as a single gets. I hadn't really given Big Boi's side that much time, but I heard "The Way You Move" properly and was blown away. The horns are very retro, 70s, Earth, Wind and Fire style and it is a very smooth slick sound. It's another winnder. Those Outkast guys are very talented, they first caught my attention with Stankonia a couple of years ago. It deserves all the acclaim its received.

The other general observation I came away with yesterday after watching several straight hours of music videos is that they want everyone to be a cool black guy, pimp daddy. Every video seems to be showing me that all the cool black guys have all the fun. This is hard to explain, but if you watch, a common theme emerges from all these videos. They say, "I'm a cool black guy, I'm rich, I know how to dance, I know how to party. All the sexy, hotties want to get down with me. If you pay attention, I can show you how, just like this. Break it down!" Watch a bit, you will see what I mean.

Anyway, that was my day on Sunday, totally monged off my face on strong magic mushrooms. Its not for everyone, but I surely do like it!

Believe it or not, I have a job interview today. A real one, for some freelance work with a very large corporation. I'm trying not to be nervous, but the fact is, this is the first real interview I've had since I left my last job. Yikes!

It's going to be informal, I am meeting the guy for a coffee this afternoon. I've been in touch with him for nearly six months, waiting for an opening. Finally, last week, he told me there was the chance of loads of work with him. I am very encouraged by this, but not counting my chickens just yet.

I still don't know when the job might start, what the hours will be, how many days a month I will get, and how much it will pay. Its a senior position, so the money should be decent and the hours shouldn't be too bad. I'm hoping that it will be full-time or fairly close to that, as I really need some money.

I'm going to have to wrap this up now, I've to go try on my suit and see if it still fits. This hippy doesn't dress-up very often and its a very long time since I've worn it. If it doesn't fit, I'm going to have to make a quick run up to the high street and hope to find something in my size.

Stay cool, stay groovy, ride the vibe.
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