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Friday, March 19, 2004

I've been busy today. Well, that's a lie. I took a walk up to my local high street this morning and did a tiny bit of shopping. I hit a cash point, then visited a large discount clothing shop. I bought 4 tee-shirts and a pair of sweat-pants for 14 quid. The trousers alone were only four quid, this hippy loves a bargain.

The shop is a recently opened, well-known, chain-store with a reputation for very cheap clothers. The staff were surly to say the least, bordering on rude. I guess people don't mind getting treated like shit, as long as the price is right.

Then I came back and chatted with my cleaner. Yes, I know, I have a cleaner. The exploitation of the working class, eh? She's been cleaning for Mrs. Hippy and myself for many (6?) years and is now studying to be a plumber. It won't be long before she is very rich, she has another year of studying to go. Her schedule combined with my income means she only comes once every 2 weeks these days, but that's fine. Clearly I have the time to do lots of housework myself, and I do.

I do all the food shopping, cooking, and dishwashing. I do about 75% of the laundry, but only because Mrs. Hippy likes to do some if it herself, otherwise I wouldn't mind. I also do the regular cleaning and tidying around the house. It doesn't sound like much, but it adds up to a few hours a day. Ask your mothers and wives, they'll tell ya how long it takes.

I decided to set up a homepage today, so I would have a place not only for a Hippy FAQ, but also a guestbook, so if you are one of the few/many/thousands who reach this nonsense and feel the need to share your thoughts with me, you can. All the links have been added to the right hand side of this page. Click away.

I bumbled through the Geocities web wizard and managed to get something up and online in about 10 minutes. It wasn't as hard as I thought, though it would help if I could do more than spell "html". Even with setting up this blog, some html skills would have been useful.

When I went to school, computers were fairly rare. My high school had one, a Tandy TR-80. I had one at home as well when I was 17, so I knew my way around it. You saved programs on audio cassette at first, but eventually they added a disk drive, external of course. It had 4K of RAM, which I boosted to a whopping 32K. It spoke one language, basic.

10 Print "Basic Sucks"
20 Goto 10

I probably remember a little more than that, but not much. I took a college level course in programming, over the summer while still in high school. It was run on mainframes and dumb terminals and didn't teach me much more than I had already taught myself. Well, it did teach me that no-one likes you when your young and clever. I was the (quite-noticably) youngest member of my class and I wasn't shy about answering questions. Obnoxious would be more like it. I learned fast that people like you more when you sit in the back of the class, and don't say a word unless called upon.

Anyway, computers. Everything I learned about programming then is of no use now. So what?

So I kept on using them, just not programming them. My next computer was an Apple IIc, which was the first one to have a modem attached. Back then, in the early 80s, you didn't have many options of other computers to dial up, just home-run bulletin boards (BBSs) and Compuserve (CIS).

Compuserve was text only and very slow. You paid per minute and it wasn't cheap. It also had something called CB, which you would now all know as chatrooms. They were very addictive and full of people who were eager to meet in real life. Yes, in real life.

It was a relatively small community back then and regional parties were regular. I only went to a couple of parties, it wasn't really my scene. But I did meet quite a few women through it. A real pioneer was the hippy. I'll tell you about my adventures some other time.

After the Apple, I bought an Atari 1040ST, which was a great little desktop. It was like a cheaper, more cheerful version of the original Mac, but with a colour screen. People still use them I hear, they're still good for MIDI.

When I moved to London, I left the Atari behind and it was a few years before I bought another PC. In 1992, I bought a Packhard Bell laptop, and that kept going until a few years ago. These days I have a four year old Dell Dimension XPS T600r, which is a desktop with a slow Pentium 3 - 600Mhz processor. The hard drive is about 27 gigs and I am constantly needing to delete things before I can download anything new.

I need to replace it and have done for about a year, but with no job, blah, blah. Hopefully, I can get a new one soon, as soon as I am working. It's not that that my old Dell's broken, I am typing on it right now. The problem is its slow, it crashes alot and its running Windows '98, not known for its reliability. I'll get a new one when I can.

Wow, making a couple of webpages certainly brought up some geeky memories. I didn't plan on giving you the history of me and computers, it just came out. In general, I think that's what I should do with this blog, just sit down at the PC, see what's on my mind and what comes out.

That's about it for now, time to spark up a spliff and relax a bit.

Your kids are probably smoking dope right now too, think they'd sell me some?
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