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Monday, March 29, 2004

A very typical day for you favourite hippy, I started the week as I mean to finish it, peacefully.

I was up mid-morning, later than usual actually and my first task of the day was plucking a few shrooms from my grow-kit. I'm planning a trip with a friend of mine this weekend, and I've got plenty now.

Once I tended my shrooms, I sat down at the PC and did a cost analysis of my growing experience to date. Fresh shrooms cost about 40p per grams, depending upon where you purchase them. You can get them for less, especially if you know where to look or are buying in bulk, but your basic 30gram portion of Mexican p.cubes should cost about 12 quid.

My home grown have cost about 15p per gram, if you include all of my one- off costs. If you subtract the costs that will not be repeated, like the propagator, spray bottle, thermometer, that cost comes down to 7p a gram. Well, I was impressed.

Think about how much drugs cost. I've read in the papers that pills are down to a couple of quid each, charlie is now suppose to be fifty a gram. Drugs are expensive, and they fuel the black economy. My shrooms only fuel me and they are really cheap.

I like producing my own drugs. I think it's cool. If I had the space I would have an indoor garden to grow weed as well. If we ever move house, I think an indoor growth space should be a requirement. We'll have to see what Mrs. hippy thinks about that. With the warm, humid summer we had last year, perhaps I should consider a couple of plants outside.

After tending the shrooms, I read the papers online. There wasn’t anything too exciting or interesting, a slow news day.

Then it was a quick spin up to my local high street. I went into M&S, which I don't do very often. I needed a pair of trousers and they seem to have the most choice for the short, fat, middle-aged hippy that wants to create the illusion of respectability. I bought a decent pair of trousers, with loads of pockets for 32 quid, which is not bad because M&S clothing is durable, they will last me a while.

I also picked up a few bits in the food shop, though they are always out of fresh chocolate milk, whenever I go. My younger brother raves about it regularly and I would like to try it, see if his praise is justified.

Then it was back home to relax and prepare for my interview tomorrow morning. I recorded the programme that I could be working on, it’s not something I normally watch. I'm not going to say much more about it. If the job is staff, it better pay well, because the show was dire.

I'm going into this interview cold. A friend and former colleague recommended me for this position; I followed up with an email. Within an hour, my prospective employer's assistant rang to arrange the interview. I didn't ask her any questions, I figured I could wait to see her boss. Maybe he will be my boss too.

My gut tells me they are desperate, whether it's freelance or staff. I could be starting fairly soon, in no time at all I could be back to work for real. Or they could hate me and think I am a total twat, stranger things have happened. Who knows? I'll find out the score when I see this guy in the morning.

I can feel the hippy lifestyle slipping away from me as I come closer to securing gainful employment. That's not a bad thing, especially the knock-on effect it will have on my finances, but there is a small part of me that will always want to remain barefoot and high.

I've noticed the time, it's just gone midnight, north london-time. I missed out making an entry on Monday and this one doesn't count, even if I started writing it at 11:50pm, it will be posted on Tuesday. That means I'll be back later to write some more. It’s late and I want to watch episode 5x4 of The Sopranos, which I downloaded today. Who wants to wait for E4?

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