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Monday, April 05, 2004

Back again. I've done some updating to my homepage, cleaned up the hippy FAQ a bit and added a whole new page with some of my favourite links. Every link's a winner.

I'm thinking of adding another page, with a a night (or day) of shrooming with the hippy! Yes, that's right, why not spread the fun around? I'll have to consider this one a bit more; perhaps I haven't thought it through. Maybe it's a bad idea.

This is going to be a brief entry, I just wanted to call attention to my crap web-page skills. All of this is still pretty new to me. I should be grateful to GeoCities for hosting my site and providing the page building software for free, but I can see that I will outgrow fairly soon. As a beginner, I got my site up originally in less than an hour, so they do deserve credit for that. I guess at some point, if I am really take all this seriously, I am going to have to spend some money on proper hosting and design.

My younger brother is quite an accomplished web designer and I will ask him to re-do it for me at some point soon. He's into it far deeper and at a more advanced level than I ever could be. The time will come.

That's all for now, I'm going to groove back over to the sofa, spark up a spliff and see what's on tv. It's Monday night, what else should I be doing?
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