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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Did someone here ask for a hippy? Seek no further, 'cause here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours...

As if you'd have me, what with my shroom growing obsession and my constant dope-smoking, not to mention my addiction to take-away meals. On the plus side, I'm neat and tidy and don't take up that much space, but I can't contribute much financially, at least not right now.

Too late, Mrs. Hippy's already got me, though she does let me out for barmitzvahs and funerals, so you could book me through my agent.

I'm talking crap, I don't have an agent. Should I get one? What exactly would they do for me, besides taking 10% of my (already limited) income?

I applied for another job today. I know, you are thinking, "hey hippy, didn't you just start two new jobs last week?" Yes, I did, but it can't hurt to keep looking, they say it's easier to find work when you have work. I'm just testing that theory. This one was to create and produce new tv formats for an up and coming satellite tv channel. I sent them an email, my CV, plus 2 programme ideas that I think have potential.

I know I'm dreaming, I'm too old, too experienced, and too expensive to have a chance, but you never know. It's a bit like approaching the hottest girl at a party or in a bar. More than likely she's going to turn you down flat when you hit on her. But what if you can convert that slim chance anyone has with any woman into her jumping into a taxi back to your place? It's your lucky day that’s what it is. Maybe it will be my lucky day soon.

I'm not really the luckiest person in the world, I haven't even won more than a tenner on the lottery, not that I play it often. I've had some luck career-wise, even lately I've had a touch. I must be due for something really good to happen to me, soon. Yeah, right.

After my 5 minute doctor appointment, which saw this hippy chilling out in the waiting room for over an hour, I zipped up to Camden on the bus to purchase some shrooms for the weekend. I went to my usual stall, spent £20 and got about 85grams - it should have been 80 but they were a little "manky" and he threw in some extra. I couldn't possibly do all that myself, it's nearly double my normal dose, but I think I might up it a bit this weekend.

I've got 2 choices, stick them in the fridge and hope they don't turn to mush or leave them out and let them go dry. The silly laws say that if I dry them out, they become class "A", as that would mean they have been prepared, or so they say. They're just sitting here now, so I better decide soon. I won't tell you what I do, either way!

My grow-kits are cooking along nicely, K2 & K3 are both densely covered with shrooms, though they are still growing slowly. K1 has about half-a-dozen coming up now, but no where near as advanced as the other two. I wouldn't want to speculate when any of them will be ready, they are not following the pattern I was expecting from my previous experience.

What's going to be cool about having so many fresh shrooms is that I will be able to be very generous to my like-minded friends. There's a couple I can think of who would enjoy a big heaping serving of them! Of course, your faithful hippy will be munching them frequently as well. There's nothing quite as good as a psilocybin high.

As I've said before, I've tried, used and abused nearly everything, with only a couple of exceptions. Nothing I've taken compares to a strong dose of shroomies. They're cheap, legal, strong, heavy and last a long time. I'd take shrooms over booze, coke, pills any day. Long live the shroom.

The next couple of days are busy for me, I don't know if I will have time to sit down and spill my drivel for a day or two. Small loss, I hear you mutter before clicking through to some hardcore porn, but fear not I'll probably be back on Friday, when I start my long, debauched weekend while Mrs H is away. Expect mayhem a-plenty. Ok, maybe I'll just watch a film or two and order a take-away, just don't call the cops on me!
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