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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Don't say it, I know, I haven't written anything in a few days. Ok, five days, I put my hands up, I admit it and I have no good excuse except that I'm lazy.

I'm also keeping very odd hours, thanks to my two nightshifts. They went fairly well and I am pretty sure there will be ongoing work there for me. They seemed to really like me, actually. Yipppeee!

I've been in a time limbo since then, going to bed and waking up at odd times. Mrs Hippy is visiting family, so I am knocking about the house all own my own. I've shroomed, ordered a take-away and watched a crappy action movie on SKY. It hasn't exactly been party time.

What would that mean? Party time?? Hookers, coke, a live band perhaps; maybe tomorrow night.

Today has been dominated by death. No, don't worry, it’s no one close to me. The first death occurred just outside my brother's flat in south London. You won't read about it anywhere in the news, yardie shootings are so common in London that they don't get reported widely. I've searched, it's not appearing anywhere, yet.

It happened on the corner of his street, which is a known hangout for crack dealers when the weather turns warm, at about quarter after nine in the evening. My brother told me he heard the shots, then screaming, followed by cars speeding away. The police arrived and locked down the area and have been doing a methodical search.

They won't catch the shooter, they rarely do and there were loads of witnesses. No one will talk and the perp is probably on his way out of the country already.

My brother had a friend visiting, his car was parked outside, close to where the body dropped. That meant he couldn't move it, for about 24 hours. Nice. He finally took a night bus home at 2am, because a mini-cab couldn't get near the scene.

This is modern London living, trapped inside your flat because of crime. Around here, you don't really want to be walking the streets after dark either. My area, and my brother's rate highly for crime, especially violent crime. If you are coming to see my after dark, you better be driving or in a cab, otherwise it's a long ten minute walk from the tube, through mugger's alley.

Don't you envy the hippy lifestyle? Bet you live in Hamstead or Highgate and get dropped off by your private driver every night; sweet for you.

The other death was a bit closer to home, I actually saw the corpse myself.

I heard one of my cats, the small, cute, sweet male cat, meowing strangely in the hallway. I went to investigate to find my little buddy sitting there, waiting to show me what was in his mouth; a big, dead black bird!

He was holding it with pride, he looked like he was grinning as he offered it to me. I suppose I should have been flattered that he wanted to share his kill with me, but to be honest it just grossed me out. I told him to take it outside to the garden and quite amazingly he did.

He spent another hour playing with it, my other cat went outside to join in the fun too. God only knows where it is now, as long as I don't find it inside, I really don't care! The joys of pet ownership, eh?

I took my first flush of magic mushrooms yesterday, from K3, a rather respectable 127grams - that's three strong, or four medium strength trips. K2 is still growing, but slowly and is nowhere near ready to harvest. K1 continues to grow weirdly, the mutant shrooms look like a head of cauliflower, that someone sanded down to be smooth. Only now, I have normal looking shrooms growing from the mutant. Go figure.

I reckon it will all contain psilocybin, so what the fuck, I will eat it all anyway, even the mutant ones! Perhaps another trip will be in order tomorrow, once I do everything I need to do for the day...

Not much else to report I'm afraid. I don't have any more work for about a week, though that could change at any time. I'm not sure when Mrs. Hippy is returning, though she might decide and tell me tonight. Once I know that, I'll have to get some decent food in the house for when she gets back. She won't want to live on really good chinese takeaway, even if I do!

So that's it from hippy heaven, time to draw back the curtains, dim the lights and see what's on tv tonight.
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