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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Good morning, I'm up early again. It's gray and wet and cold here in north london and I have to walk up to the job centre soon to give them my autograph. I've already read the papers, which were quite dull, though they all have something to say about yesterday's incident in Falluja, Iraq. You can read about it in my favourite newspaper.

What the fuck did they expect? They are occupying a country that didn't invite them! Maybe George Washington and his men didn't drag the dead British soldiers through the streets and mutilate their bodies, but they did kill 'em! I bet they've all seen "Blackhawk Down" in Iraq, I remember reading it was popular in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. It's a primer on how to handle the American soldiers.

I was in Somalia when the US troops arrived, I can remember how scared the local population was at first. When I got there, everyone on the street was armed to the teeth, and the "technicals", the battlewagon-pick-up trucks with machine guns mounted on the bonnets were on constant patrol.

Then the US Marines arrived and everyone was shitting themselves that they would have their AK's confiscated, but that didn't happen. The troops didn't get involved with the armed militias at that point, they were there to protect shipments of food aid as they were dispatched across the country. At least, at first anyway. After a while they had to involve themselves in the local politics, that was their undoing.

I wasn't in Somalia that long, about 2 weeks. In that time, things were relatively tense but non-violent. I never felt safe the entire time I was there. We rented a house with armed guards, but no running water. I don't think anyone had running water, actually. Dope was cheap and plentiful, and we brought in our own booze. I was stoned and/or drunk for my entire stay. So was everyone else, it was the only way to deal with the lack of sleep and constant tension.

Iraq has to be worse, much worse since the Americans aren't just involved in the local politics, they are the local politics! I can't recall the exact number of journalists killed in Iraq, but I believe in the last year its in the double figures, and even more non-military contractors have died, and over 500 soldiers. Oh and no-one knows exactly how many thousands of Iraqis. No wonder they are slaughtering anyone western-looking!

I went to bed quite early for me last night, before midnight. I didn't sleep well though, my hiatal hernia was acting up.

Due to my previously mentioned premature birth, I was born with one of these, along with premature-myopia (very bad eyesight). I keep the hiatal hernia in check with medication, I take a pill everyday. What I eat doesn't have much effect on it, though sometimes, raw onions can set it off. Beer can trigger it too.

The time of day I eat can have a significant effect and I've noticed it getting worse in the last week or so. If I have dinner late, and have not fully digested my food before I go to bed, I feel a terrible burning in my chest and I wake up coughing and gagging in the middle of the night. It happened three times last night and I am feeling very tired and worn out today. Thankfully I don't have much to do today; after signing on, I am going to pick up a few things at my local high street. Then I have some shroom-related business to take care of when I get home. I also need to ring my friend to see if he is still up for shrooming this weekend. If not, I will take a little solo psychedelic voyage.

Maybe I will come back later and share more of my hippy thoughts. What I'd really like to be doing is crawling back into bed!
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