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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Greetings from hippy heaven, where everthing is groovy and mellow. As if.

Spent the day monged on shrooms, no surprise there. As a little experiment I left some out of the fridge and they dried out. It's a much different experience taking them dry, the effects seem to take longer to kick in, there is no big whoosh, it kind of creeps up on you. It's not nearly as overwhelming. I'm still tripping a bit now, actually.

And I'm easily distracted at the moment, right now I am pissing about on the EDIT forums. I'm on there alot as its a good place to get advice and things about all drugs, especially shrooms. EDIT stands for "Everyone Does It" and they have an excellent online headshop which you should visit for all your drug needs. The hippy shops with them, so you know its good.

Today as I watched tv, I realised that it's all about your brand. Everyone seems to have one, or be one. No one is buying my brand.

Britney is a brand name, you know what you're getting when you buy Britney. She's just like McDonalds or Coke, only with the chance of a blow-job thrown in. The next time I am flying somewhere (and may that day be a long time coming), I'll let the stewardess know I've seen Britney's "Toxic" video. I'm a short, fat, balding guy, I've got my ticket, where's my blowjob?

So my brand ain't selling, what's new about that? I'm not really marketing it anywhere. Do you see anything for sale on this page, besides my soul?

My younger brother was the lucky recipient of a telephone call from our mother today. He didn't want to tell me about it, bless him, because he knew I was off my face on shrooms. The main news, after the usual guilt about neither one of us being there, is that my father has decided to have the surgery.

Yes, that's right, if you are keeping score at home, the hippy's father is going for the surgical option. Holy fucking hell!

My mother said that if he doesn't have the surgery, he will die. He's going to die anyway. This is all fucked.

She told my brother that if we want to see our father again alive, we better come quickly. She is very angry that we haven't come, very angry. This is turning into the northlondonmyfathersdyingofcancerandIamashit blog.

My father had driven to the chemist, which is why my mother had the chance to phone my brother. She doesn't usually phone me, my brother has always been closer to her, the same way I was always closer to my father. She said my father would phone my brother later as well. How lucky is my brother?

It's only going to get worse, the real poison will come when other people try to get in touch. My three older half siblings could phone at any time. Don't worry, I'm not buying their brand. They didn't buy mine when they had the chance, so they can all fuck off now.

My parents are not accepting that my brother and I are not jumping on a plane, they are not even accepting their own approaching deaths. My father seems to think that anything is better than death. He is not going to be in the best way if he survives this surgery, but he would rather cling to this life at any cost, than face death.

Not me, when my time comes, I'm ready to not exist. The universe did perfectly fine without me, it will continue to trundle along when I'm gone. I don't really believe in god (except my mushroom god) or an afterlife. I can accept that one day I won't be here. That's cool with me.

I've spent enough time depressed, contemplating death and nothingness to know that this is all there is, there ain't nothing else. I'm just trying to have a bit of fun while I can.

Go on, would you buy my brand? How about if I threw in a BJ from Britney?
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