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Friday, April 16, 2004

Hey ho, hey yo, I got no work you know, well today anyway. I've got three more days of paying work, in the first week of May, with more promised to follow soon after that! Yipppeeee!

The really big news from hippy-heaven is that I signed-off the dole yesterday. Well, technically next Tuesday is my last day as a job-seeker, but I handed in the paperwork on Thursday. My time on the dole was much shorter than I expected, perhaps it was the catalyst that kick-started everything else. I'm just glad I don't have to go there any more.

Things are certainly looking up for your favourite north london-based hippy! More good news, I've got pinheads on two of my three kits. It's taken longer than my last kit, by 2 days, but I am now seeing some serious growth. The third kit should be kicking out something before I go to bed tonight, or I will begin to be concerned that it is a dud. I'm just being impatient, but that's one of the things I do best.

In a few days, I should be a hippy, hip-deep in magic mushrooms. I think a little (how about big?) trip on Saturday is in order! It's cool to have a hobby.

I'll let you in on a little secret; I have a slight touch of manic-depression, I think. It is especially apparent when I discover something new, like my shroom growing. Once I decide I am going to do something new, I do a lot of research, I engross myself fully in the subject. I become obsessed really, it takes over most of my waking time and even a portion of my visits to dreamland. At the moment I am focussed on shrooms all the time, from the moment I wake up till my eyelids close for the night.

I've been like this for as long as I can remember, over a wide variety of subjects and pursuits. Music was one of them for a while, specifically recording my own.

In the early to mid-eighties, I took writing and recording music very seriously, as much as I could on a limited budget. I had a few guitars including a bass, a drum machine, a keyboard, microphones, digital effects, a mixer and a four-track tape deck. I ate, slept and breathed rock'n'roll. I even had an 18-month employment gap between jobs where I pretended I was a full-time musician. I did more than pretend, I wrote and recorded about 50 songs.

I don't really sing, I worked with two different singers in this period, but I played, produced and engineered everything myself. Considering the limitations on musical "talents" and abilities, combined with the technical limitations of kit, I produced some reasonable material. I stayed with it for while, quite a while, but eventually the need for an income and my own creative shortcomings were too much to ignore and I got a full time job. I continued to record a little after that, but as my obsession for working increased, the time and effort I put into my music decreased. My output became sporadic, with my late night recording sessions becoming fewer and further between. When I moved to London, I sold everything, even my guitars.

There's a special bond between a guitarist and his guitar, Jimi Hendrix called them his "Electric Ladies", and that's why his studio in NYC is called "Electric Lady Land." I still miss them and didn't realize how much until they were gone. Also, I discovered I could have gotten about double for them here in London, doh!

Flash forward to the year 2000 and the purchase of my present PC. As I maniacally researched them before buying this one, I stumbled upon the various recording software packages available. I was amazed at how powerful all these new toys and bits of code were and decided to try and recapture my musical spirit.

I bought a couple of guitars, a keyboard, an audio interface and some heavy duty recording software. It took me a while to get my head around it all, but I got to grips this new technology. My guitar playing was a little better than I expected, but my chops were no where near where they were when I was at my peak.

I wrong a few songs, but lacked any real direction with it. I found finding time to dedicate to it quite limited and when I did find the time, the hours flew by. In my halcyon days, I was able to put twelve, even fifteen hours into one session, but I was finding even three or four hours tricky. I couldn't recapture it. I don't really try to record any more.

I pull the guitar out of its case, it’s a Fender Telecaster, and goof around occasionally, but I doubt I will ever seriously play again. That makes me sad.

I've been manic in my pursuit of work in the last six months and the fruits of that mania are ripening now. I've been manic in my pursuit of sex in the past, possibly to the point of clinical addiction. I've taken drugs maniacally, done everything maniacally at one point or another. I'm better since I identified this character flaw in myself, but it is still easy to get lost in something.

My mania has helped make me be successful in my career. Television, especially news, exploits people's mental illnesses; a normal person can't do a month of 20-hour days in the field without some sort of collapse!

I've been manic about writing my hippy-blog and have managed to find the time to do it nearly every day for almost a month. Go me! I wish I could apply this mania to my real writing, my novel and my screenplays, but it seems to have a mind of its own.

Remember the flipside to being manic, is depression and I've spent plenty of time in that state as well, but that's best left for another day.

My younger brother sent me a link to test which answers the question: "are you a hippy?". I took the test and you can to by clicking here. Guess what, according to that test, your favourite northlondonhippy ain't really a hippy! I’m as shocked as you are!

You could try to do me for false advertising, but you'll have to find me first!
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