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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Hippy time!

Sorry I didn't make it online yesterday, but following my "work" on Thursday night, well, to put it in medical terms I was fucked, royally. I was awake all day on Thursday, from 9am and didn't get a wink of sleep, even though I tried.

So I went into my brand new job on the first night, barely able to keep my eyes open. It was not the most auspicious of starts. The woman who was training me was very nice though and that helped.

The rest of the people blanked me, I couldn't even raise a smile from any of them. I've worked in other places that were the same, unfriendly, it’s no big deal. I've got a pretty thick skin and I am in this one for the long haul, so it didn't really bother me.

The work itself seemed very simple actually, though knowing what to do, when, will take a bit of time. The pay is very good; one night there is worth more than an entire month on the dole. Hey ho!

I was drifting off to sleep on the tube Friday morning as I made the return journey home. I was lucky I didn't miss my stop or the 2 changes I had to make. Yes, two changes, but trust me, it’s a quick journey really.

I collapsed on the sofa almost as soon as I got home and slept there for about 3 hours before crawling into bed. I slept another 4 hours after that! I was tired.

I jumped out of bed on Friday afternoon, had a quick spliff and shower then got dressed and bopped up to Camden Market. Big mistake as it was bank holiday Friday and every suburban dunderhead was already there. You couldn't move for the stupid cunts, shuffling about, looking one way and walking in another. God, I hate them. But your faithful hippy was like an American football linebacker and I body-blocked my way up to the Wrong Shop, my favourite shroom stall. There's a permanent link to their website on my cool links page, or you could just click here. People I know who have ordered from the website have been happy with the service and I have been very happy with all my purchases from their stall.

I picked up my 3 new kits, again for £50. My first kit provided it's sixth and final flush yesterday, a respectable 25grams. I probably could have squeezed a seventh flush from it, but the yields have steadily gone down. It was conforming to the law of diminishing returns. Total from the first kit, 405grams in a little over a month. Cost for that kit, £20. The whole experience was great.

I've started the new kits. They are a snug fit in my propagator. I should be harvesting my first big flush a week from Tuesday; I can't wait. Anyone want to party?

After this big grow, I'm not going to do it again for a little while and when I do, I might look into the aquarium method, instead of the propagator, though I would continue using the prepared kits. It's just too easy, though I know doing it from scratch would be cheaper, it would take up a lot more time. Anyway, I will be set on the shroom front for the foreseeable, which can't be bad.

I went back to bed quite early last night, before midnight and was up again today at 8am. I finally made my long-delayed weekly trip to Sainsburys, as well as making the trip to south London to visit my younger brother.

I love London on a bank holiday weekend, its feels really empty. I drove everywhere today in the hippy's crapmobile, a dependable and cheap car given to me by a relative of Mrs. Hippy about 18 months ago. I call it the crapmobile, but I think I am being unfair. It's actually a great running car, always starts right up on half a turn of the key and I should be grateful that I own it. I am.

The run to south London was quick, I crossed the river at Blackfriars, I love the view from that bridge, of the London Eye, the Opera House, Big Ben and the HoP. Seeing it reminds me why I love living in London.

After a brief visit with my brother, I turned around and came back, again the traffic was very light. I'm in for the day, Mrs. Hippy is out for a couple of hours, so I thought I would spend some time catching up around the house. The washing up's piled in the kitchen, I still have Thursday night's ER from E4, I wanted to write this crap as well. And later I am calling my father. Dum, dum Dummmmmmmmmm.

I haven't spoken to him in about a week, my brother about the same. I put it out of my mind, maybe more than I should.

Anyway, that's it from me, might come back later and am considering a little shroomin' late tonight as well. My plan is to stay up late, really later tonight, then sleep as late as possible tomorrow, till at least 4pm. I'm back in to the same place I was on Thursday, tomorrow night and I want to be significantly better rested. I want to get the hang of it, so I can start getting paid for doing it regularly. Money will be my friend again!

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