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Monday, April 12, 2004

The hour of the hippy is here! Well, half-hour more likely.

Spent last night at one of my new jobs and it went better than the first night. I'm feeling much more optimistic about it now. If this keeps up, I might actually get a paycheck in May, provided both employers pay on time.

My three new shroom kits are cooking now, I reckon I will see pinheads (little baby shrooms) on Weds or Thurs of this week, will pick the first flush a few days after that. I'm going to be in the shrooms soon!

Spoke to both of my parents on Saturday. My dad didn't sound so great, he said he was having a bad day. The surprise was my mother jumping on the phone and me understanding 100% of what she said. It was a great effort for her and a few minutes of this was enough to tire her out, but it was the best she has sounded in over 2 years.

My father's doctor does not want to perform the surgery, my suspicions were correct. The doctor was creating the illusion of choice, thinking my father would elect not to have the procedure; he was wrong. The doc is still trying to persuade my dad that it is a bad idea, but my father seems fairly adamant that he wants it. He's a fighter and he sees this as his only option, other than a slow death.

I've beat this subject to death, I know that. Obviously it's heavy on my mind. This blog is becoming too much of me bleating on about going here, going there, doing this, doing that, my dad's dying, blah fucking blah fucking blah.

The hippy needs to refocus a bit, make this more interesting to the casual reader. Do I have any casual readers? I don't think I have any readers actually. Prove me wrong; get in touch!

Hey! One of the songs I mentioned a few weeks ago charted on Sunday, it was a hippy pick from one of my shrooming adventures a few weeks back. It's called "In the Shadows" by Rasmus, and it debuted at number three, not bad for a heavy pop band from Finland. You can check out my original comments about them here, in the hippy archive.

I'm planning another shroomin' time tomorrow, I still have some from my first kit. Bring on the music videos and twisted thoughts!

I'm still kind of tired from working last night, I only napped a few hours today. I'm aiming to get a proper night's sleep tonight. Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow for more hippy fun!
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