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Sunday, April 04, 2004

It was thirteen years ago today I moved to London. It wasn't always north London, though I've lived here for about 7 years now. I've lived all over town, west, south, central, even east. London has been my home for a long time now. Hey ho.

I didn't plan on staying in London this long, I didn't plan anything really. The opportunity presented itself, on a silver platter. The company I worked for at the time paid for the whole thing. It was really easy to do.

Maybe too easy, as I didn't consider the implications of my decision, especially thirteen years later. There's something eerily anti-symmetrical about it being thirteen years.

When I arrived, I had a job and a network of friends through my younger brother, who'd been here five years at that point. I stepped off the plane to ready-made life.

I've settled in London, I've made it my home, but what did I leave behind?

I didn't have much of a life in the states. I had no real roots there. My life centered on work, or university, and the people who were around that day. It was easy, really easy to transport myself to another country and live the same sort of life.

Leaving my parents was the hardest.

Yes, I've been back to visit and I've stayed in touch with on the telephone, but its the not same as being there, really being there. They grown old, sick, lived their lives without me really being a part of any of it. I've fooled myself in a million different ways, but the cold hard fact remains; I'm not there.

I'm trying to regain a footing in the world of the employed, I live a decent, quiet life, I stay out of other people's way. I don't see why my middle-aged adolescence ever has to end.

There's things I'm very thankful for, my life really isn't that bad.

I've still got my younger brother, who's always been there for me. I've got a few old friends around too.

I've got a roof over my head, a warm place to sleep and I don't go hungry. I've got a couple of great cats, you need to have pets. All of this is down to Mrs. Hippy.

I am very lucky to have her. We've been together for a long time now, more than half of my time spent living in London has been with her. If it weren’t for Mrs. Hippy, I wouldn't live in north London, wouldn't have this roof over my head, wouldn't have these two cats. It's all down to her, really.

We put up with each other, support each other. If she wasn't around, I doubt I would be sitting here now, typing these words. She's given my life stability I never imagined possible.

So I thought more about my brand, it won't be long before your buying. It's about magic mushrooms, chilling out with a spliff, making a living and listening to the coolest urban r'n'b.

I've spent the day thinking about where I stand in the marketplace. Am I well positioned? What's my market share? I need to refine my brand.

I just need to raise the hippy profile, you know its a brand you can trust.

Are you buying what I'm selling? Sure I'll take your credit card, but there's a discount if you're paying cash!
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