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Friday, April 02, 2004

It's Friday evening, I'm still full from my lunch with my brother. If you didn't check out the restaurant's website, you can still see it here. I had a full rack of baby back ribs, with fries, coleslaw and a coke, all for a tenner. It's a bargain because a full rack of ribs at this place is huge, it looks like half a pig on your plate. If you go and you would like to receive a free quizzical or confused look, tell them the hippy sent you.

It was good to see my brother, we had a decent visit. He's been reading this blog a little and was a bit (I don't want to say "upset" so how about) perturbed about something I said in a previous entry. Specifically that I quoted him as saying my father hasn't been that nice to me in the last few years, or words to that effect. Yes, he said it and more importantly, yes it is true. It's not meant to justify anything, it is just a statement of cold fact. I'm not using it as an excuse for not visiting.

I have enough valid excuses of my own, thanks.

When I returned from lunch, my cleaning lady who is becoming a plumber was still here, just finishing off. I've asked her for a price to put in an outside water tap to make it easier to water the garden. That will especially come in handy if I decide to try growing cannabis outside this summer. The temptation is certainly there, it could save me a lot of money if it worked as well.

I downloaded and watched episode four of "Wonderfalls", which becomes more and more surreal with each installment. I like surreal, a lot. It's a very clever show, if it is ever broadcast where you live, check it out. Or just download it, just like the hippy.

I am planning another shrooming adventure on Saturday. I spoke to my old friend and he is still considering joining me, but won't know if he can until lunchtime on the day. As much fun as it would be to hang out with him and shroom, there's a part of me that really enjoys my solitary trips.

There's something almost mystical about the experience, though that shouldn't come as a surprise as they have a history of being used for just such a purpose. For me, it's like the mushroom god himself comes to visit me, to show me things. He shows you the secret world that lives behind the real world.

Ordinary, everyday things, like my blue carpet or the trees in my garden reveal their secret lives when you take a decent dose of magic mushrooms. And all this, I decided during a particularly pleasant trip recently, is due to the mushroom god visiting me.

No, I am not ready for the funny farm, the mushroom god is not real, not even to me. I haven’t completely lost it, yet.

It's just a concept I came up with while my brain was fried on psilocybin. It made me laugh a lot. It still does.

I composed and sang a little song to the mushroom god once. I will try to recall it now. It's to the tune of "O Christmas Tree"

O mushroom god
O mushroom god
The pretty things you show me

The bright colours, so vivid
I just love when you visit

O mushroom god
O mushroom god
Thank you for the gifts you give me

Look, I was on drugs, alright?

The grow-kit in its propagator is like my shrine to the mushroom god; the shroomies that grow are his children. He allows his children to willingly give their lives as I eat them, so I may be closer to the mushroom god.

It’s almost like a hippy retelling of the Easter story. I actually have my own, different version of Easter, but I’ll save my stories of Jesus and the Easterbunny for another day. Ok, just a taste: They drive around together in the carrot mobile solving crimes and on Easter Sunday they come down your chimney and leave you chocolate. Damn, I was going to save this for next week. It would make a great animated cartoon, do you think I should pitch it to ITV?

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