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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I've been up for about 18 hours now and I am fading fast. I forgot how draining it can be to work all night.

Well, I call it work, but all I really did was hang around and help where I could. I actually enjoyed it. The people were suprisingly nice and the work was undemanding. It was still a shock to the system.

The good news is they liked me enough to invite me back for some paid shifts, one supervised, the second one solo. I'm gonna be in da money soon!

I also heard from the other company, as well as doing Thursday night, I'm there on Sunday night as well - both of those are unpaid. After that, the training and solo shifts will be paid there too. I'm in even mo' money!

Now, here's the conundrum, one company pays less, has longer hours, but seems fun. The other pays more, has shorter hours, and could be as much fun. My cunning plan is to do both as long as I can. Eventually, my choice will be clear - they will make it for me simply through the way they treat me and what they can offer me as time goes by.

I know which one I would choose, if I had to make the choice today. Thankfully, I don't have to make a choice just yet, I can wait till I have a better feel for them. My best bet will be to keep them both sweet as long as possible.

This is probably going to be my shortest entry yet as I am seriously flagging and want to get some sleep. The real treat today is I have to collect Mrs. Hippy's car from the garage at some point. This involves waiting for them to telephone, then leaping up from my nap, getting dressed, walking ten minutes to a bus stop, then spending another 10-15 mins on that bus before arriving at the garage. I then have to make sure everything is ok with the car, because this visit is the result of an MOT and service over a week ago.

The car hasn't been right since then and if they are to be believed (and I have no reason not), what they are fixing is a brand-new problem that wasn't there when they did the annual service. Mrs. Hippy has a very strong attachment to her car, this car, so there's a lot of responsibility resting on this hippy's head.

The things we do for love, eh?
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