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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I've been watching the fighting in Falluja live on tv since last night, compelling stuff. There's a US Pool crew with the marines that have positions around the city beaming pictures out on a low-res videophone.

Last night, I watched live as an AC-130 gunship pounded "insurgent" positions. It was grainy, green, night-scope shots, but was extremely compelling. Today, this afternoon, I watched 2 attack helicopters targeting "enemy sniper positions". The live camera, again videophone quality, was perched over the shoulder of a marine sniper, equipped with a high velocity rifle and a long-range scope. Again, amazing to watch. Easy to watch as well and forget that those grainy pictures were showing you people getting killed, live on television. There was even product placement, right next to the US marine sniper, he had a can of "Sprite" soda, with the label facing the camera. It's crisp, clean and has no caffeine, nothing will quench your thirst better after a hard day of killing"!

Most impressive has been pool reporter, Karl Penhaul, who has been providing live narration for the pictures from Falluja. He's been calm, focussed and very knowledgeable, and he doesn't seem to be misrepresenting or mis-reporting the facts. Someone should snap him up for a proper reporting job! It can't be any fun living rough with the marines and essentially that's what being embedded with them means. It's not a camping trip, it will be hard going all the way!

The really bad news is one of my mushroom kits is no more. Kit number 2 had some sort of weird infection, moldy thing, which killed all the shrooms and turned bits of the surface green. I had to bin it; it’s gone, gone gone. Worse news is it looks like K3, which was in the same propagator as K2 might also have the same infection, the shrooms that were growing nicely, look like they are dying. I'm not 100% sure and I am hoping I am wrong, but that will be 2 kits out of three, which ain't good at all.

K1 is still growing the mutants. They look like their caps should be opening, but they are not - perhaps it's nature's way of stopping a bad gene from being passed on - when the caps open, they drop their spores. It's a mushroom version of shooting a load. There are lots of new shrooms coming up on this kit as well, so the longer I can leave it, the better the first flush will be, though it has been nearly 3 weeks!

I contacted the vendor that sold me the kits. He wasn't impressed; I get the feeling he likes a smooth life. Don't we all? He says the contamination happened here, but my feeling is they were fucked when I bought them. Anyway, he's offered me 100grams of free shrooms as compensation, so I will have to drop by the stall in Camden and collect them in the next couple of days.

Also, one of my friends from the EDIT forums has offered to send me a couple of free kits to replace these. He's been giving me advice on growing for a couple of months now and it turns out he grows commercially as well as preparing kits for sale. This is very, very cool of him and he says he will post me 2 kits next week. They will be different from my Mexicans, they will be Hawaiian p.cubes - which I have read are a bit stronger. I'm amazed at his generosity and am looking forward to growing something new.

In the last 2 days, I've been booked for 10 shifts, between the 2 companies I am working for, all between now and the end of June. I've got 2 in the next two weeks with one company, and another 8 with the other, on top of the two paying shifts I did last week, and another 3 next week - things are really taking off! This hippy needs to buy loads of things, so this additional cash is going to come in very handy!

That's all the news that’s fit to blog from my lair, what's the good word where you are?
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