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Monday, April 05, 2004

Just had an interesting online chat with a guy from the Shroom shop, another website selling fresh magic mushrooms and grow kits. They seem like a big operation and supply a lot of the retailers around the country. They have an online chat room, which I visited to ask some questions. The guy I spoke to was very helpful and had a couple of useful tips for a budding amateur shroom grower like myself.

My first grow kit has gone very well so far, I've had about 380grams from it after about a month. The kit itself only cost twenty-quid. Many places charge £25, some even go as high as thirty. This hippy likes a bargain and it's a cost-effective way of producing my favourite fungus.

These days, I put the FUN in FUNgus!

I'm already planning another grow, this time I think I will purchase 3 kits. I know of one place that will sell me three of them for £50, there could be others as well. I would like to buy from the same people that sold me my current kit, since it has been so easy and fruitful.

Here's some hippy math: If I spend £50 on three kits, and they yield as well as my first one, I will end up with about 1.2 kilos of fresh shrooms. Party time! That works out to 4p per grams. To put this in perspective, the average deal for Mexican p.cubes is 12 quid for 30grams, or 40p a gram. I can grow them for 10% of the retail cost, which is pretty sweet!

So the future is looking pretty bright on the old shroom front. I can trip at will!

I submitted a short screenplay to a production company today. They were advertising on one of the media websites I check regularly for work. I wrote it last year, it’s a media satire about sex, drugs and excess. Whatever made me think of that?

The production company said in their advert they were looking for original short scripts to produce, they plan on making five of them, on 35mm film. Classy. I approach all of these things with a bit of skepticism, but I figured it's worth a shot. The script has been sitting on my hard drive for a while, doing nothing anyway, so why not?

I've let a few people read it, they seemed to like it, though friends and family aren't exactly going to tell you something you've worked on is a piece of shit. We'll see what happens, anything is possible.

Tomorrow night is my first shadow shift at one of my new prospective employers. I'm not nervous, yet and I expect it will be fine. I've thought about the interview last week a bit more; the people I spoke to were not really prepared or expecting to meet me. I was dumped on them by their boss, who had something better to do.

They hadn't read my CV, didn't know who referred me, nothing. I think arranging one shadow shift was their response to not knowing what to do with me. That's cool, I just need to go in and be a sponge and soak up as much info as I can. I don't know how they will leave it at the end of the night, but I will try to fix another appearance by yours truly in their newsroom.

My week is a bit fucked because of this nightshift on Tuesday night, then another on Thursday. What am I supposed to do with the day in-between?

I guess it depends upon how tired I am, I could always have a nap, then wake up to make Mrs. Hippy's dinner. Or I could try to stay up all day, but that might be a disaster in the making. It would be cool to spend the day on shrooms, but then that's true everyday. I'll take it as it comes, roll with the flow, decide on the day.

I couldn't let today's entry finish without mentioning the sex scandal currently embracing one of the UK's "supercouples".

First of all, where there's smoke, there's fire, always. The News of the World broke the story on Sunday, they wouldn't have printed it if they weren't very confident that it was true.

If you follow them in the papers, and it's hard not to, you'll know they don't actually spend much time together. This revelation shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

And the press here in the UK loves this sort of thing, especially when it's a family man like DB. I bet his Missus is really pissed off with him!

Even today, it was in many of the papers, this one's gonna run a while. Is it wrong to take pleasure in the problems of the rich and famous? Of course not! Don't be silly! That's what they exist for!

If you are going to be a public figure, you need to expect it. If you choose to live your life under scrutiny, you need to expect that anything naughty you do is going to be found out. If you don't want it found out, don't do it.

That's true of me as well, as I sit and post my life away on the net, I'm opening myself up to whatever might follow. Chances are this blog will languish in obscurity forever, but there is the slightest chance that it could get noticed. I accepted when I became the northlondonhippy that I'm opening myself up in all sorts of ways. Anyone can read this, anyone can email me, or contact me on yahoo messenger. I'm available for communication. I'm sure at some point I'll receive an email, telling me I'm a cunt, or god, or something in-between. I'm as prepared as I can be.

I'm the northlondonhippy, I'm shroomin' and groovin' so you don't have to!
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