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Monday, April 19, 2004

Me again, who else were you expecting?

I was a good boy today, up early and out the door to get on with my many errands.

I did the following:

1) A big shop at the supermarket

2) The purchase of a 2nd new propagator

3) Purchased disposable contact lenses

4) Bought an aquarium thermometer for the 2nd propagator

5) Picked up some latex gloves at the chemist (for shroom picking)

6) Took my 2 cats to the vets for the annual jabs (w/Mrs Hippy)

7) Did the washing up

8) Cleaned, prepped and readied the new propagator, moved slowest growing kit into it

9) Had lunch (some nice ham, white stilton w/cranberries, olives, coleslaw, & pineapple chutney yummm)

10) Started downloading the Sopranos

11) Made this stupid list

I've also read the papers, but I haven't done my weekly check of the jobs. There was one I clipped last week that I am going to apply for, they are looking for someone with ideas for entertainment programmes. I could do that!

Before I forget, my younger brother finished my graphic, the northlondonhippy now has his own logo! I tried to post it here, but it doesn't seem to work. If you want to see it, click right here to go to my homepage.

I think it is really cool. He managed to work all the elements I asked for into it, the weed leaf, take-away menu, the remote control, though I didn't ask him to put a fat guy in a reclining chair with a bag over his head - that was his idea!

Taking the cats to the vet is always a hassle; they hate it. What they hate most of all are their cat-carriers, those small plastic boxes you need to stuff them into to make cats portable. Dogs are easier, you put the lead on them and they are happy to leap right in the car, not cats though. Especially not mine.

We have a boy and a girl. The boy just looks shit scared, but he doesn't put up much of a fight. The girl cat is a bit tougher, she pissed all over Mrs Hippy and the floor as we tried to get her in the box. She also scratches, bites and hisses, but only when provoked. I actually like the fact that she stands up for herself, but I could do without the pissing.

And that's not all, once we got her out of the box at the vets office, she shit on the exam table, twice! The vet is used to this, and frankly so are we, but usually she saves the shit for the car journey. It's great in the winter, when it’s too cold to roll the windows down.

I love my cats though, they are both supremely cool. The boy, who is quite small for a full-grown cat loves to sleep in my lap and climbs on me when I am in bed as well. The girl is not a lap cat by any stretch, but will curl up next to you when she feels like it. I want to get another one, soon.

I would love a dog as well, but not where I live. I would want a house with a big garden so the dog would have a place to stretch its legs. There's a park near me, but that's a hassle and it's not really a very nice place to hang out, unless you want to score some crack. I haven't sunk that low yet.

Shroom kit number one, which will be known from now on as K1 has at least one decent pinhead coming up, and a few more that look like they are about to come. This is very good news as I thought there was a chance the kit might be a dud. All three are now fruiting, but they will not be ready for some days yet. That's cool, it means I won't have to do more than one at a time.

It's not that time consuming, harvesting them, you just put on your clean latex gloves, pinch them at the base and twist. Sounds like a bad hand-job I had once.

I now have two kits in one propagator and the slowest grower on its own in the new one. I think it might have been too crowded, so hopefully this will sort it all out and I will have plenty of fresh shroomies for weeks to come.

Saying that, I was planning a major shroom voyage at the weekend and I am not convinced, at the rate these guys have been growing, that they will be ready. I might have to swing down to Camden to purchase some fresh, ready grown. The good thing about this is I might be tempted to try a different strain. My home grown are Mexicans, but there are also Thais, Colombians, Ecuadorians, and Indian to name a few. Also, there are some hard to grow tropical varieties, Hawaiians or "blue meanies" which are very potent, but hard to find. You need a much lower dose with Hawaiians, so the additional cost is not such a big deal.

I'm thinking that come summer, when it is hot and humid, I could probably get my shrooms to grow in an unheated propagator. I could pick-up a Hawaiian growkit and give it a try. They cost about 25 quid, so it would more than pay for itself after the first flush. It's a thought.

Besides Camden market tomorrow, I have to try to see my doctor. It's to review a prescription I take for my stomach problem. The drug is on the expensive side, so my GP has to "review" it every six months. If I am up early enough and lucky, I should be able to get an on-the-day appointment with him, if not I will have to buy an over-the-counter drug until I can see him next week.

That's all the news from the lair of the hippy that's worth sharing. I still don't think anyone has read anything of this yet. That's ok, I don't really even read it myself!
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