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Thursday, April 08, 2004

This is gonna be one quick hippy tonight, I'm due to arrive at my other new job in about 90 minutes. Yikes!

Iraq appears to be in total meltdown, name a city and there's a good chance its the scene of heavy fighting. The, gosh what are we calling them? A small group of insurgents? Terrorists? No, we don't use that word! Let's call them the bad guys.

The bad guys took 3 Japanese nationals and 7 or 8 south Koreans hostage today. Anyone non-Iraqi looking seems to be at risk, they even kidnapped some Jerusalem-based Arab aid-workers hostage. Its beyond serious there now, it seems like all out war. Wait, didn't Bush the lesser declare the war over a year ago?

Most of the world is pointing at America and Britain and saying, "I told you so". Me too, we were all right, invading Iraq was a really dumb idea. It still might sink Bush, so there could be one possible positive result out of the whole mess yet.

Condi Rice seemed ruffled today as she gave her testimony to the 9/11 commission. Good. She seems like a stone-cold bitch to me, I bet she could do with some of my shrooms. It might even loosen her up a bit, but something tells me she wouldn't be nearly open-minded enough to try them. Her loss.

That's it from me, a shower, shave and a spliff await. I haven't slept at all today, so tonight ought to be great fun. I'm yawning already.
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