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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Hippy here, hippy there, hippy HIPPY everywhere...!

Hey losers! How's every little thing with you? No, really, tell me.

It's Weds morning here in north London, I was up all night again. No, not clubbing or partying with Britney, but working and not that hard. I was called in on short notice to work at one of my jobs. I can't say "new" any more since I've been at both over a month now.

It was really easy last night, I've done three solo shifts now and they were all that way. It pays well too, I think I'm in love...

The other job, with longer hours and lower pay, is looking less and less attractive. If I can get more of the first one, I would be happy to do less of the second. I'm just a whore at heart and I am digging the money.

Not that I have seen any yet. I submitted my first invoices this week, so if I am lucky, I'll see some dosh in four weeks or so.

I'm rambling, sorry. The real price of staying up all night is a fried brain, over easy, with bacon and brown toast. I'm not even hungry, so what's up with the food metaphors? I don't even eat eggs, ever.

I am really feeling a deep desperate need to shroom. That will surprise no one. Has anyone actually noticed how I use "shroom" as a verb? I bet it's not even in the dictionary. I'll check.

I stand corrected, you can find a definition of it in the Urban Dictionary right here under shroom.

I'm in the mood for a seriously big, fuck off dose of my special brain medicine, I was planning a sneaky trip today, but working last night has buggered that up. Saturday was going to be possible, but I am on standby to work again. That leaves Friday night, so it will have to be then.

I prefer daylight trips, as sunlight enhances the visuals, but a night time trip could be fun too. The life of a drug addict is actually quite complex and time consuming you know.

There's the time you spend looking for drugs, finding drugs, picking-up drugs, planning to take the drugs, co-ordinating with your mates to share them, preparing to take them, then of course taking them and enjoying them. Some drugs can give you a nasty hangover, ever burst into tears for no reason two days after taking an "E"? Yeah, me too, but not with shrooms. The come-down is easy and there's never a hangover. Shrooms rule!

I am really running out of steam and I still need to make a few telephone calls before I can put my head down for a few hours. Trust me, come payday, it will all be worth it!

Until next time, I remain your friendly neighbourhood northlondonhippy. That is, if your neighbourhood is north London and I don't hate you already. Then I might not be so friendly.
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