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Saturday, May 01, 2004

I've got GMail now.

It's from Google, the nice people who give this blog a home, so I suppose I should return the favour and big-up their new email service. I'm

Who cares if they spy on you. My life's an open secret. I smoke dope, take shrooms, watch satellite tv, order takeaways. If Google can help me to improve on that, to make my enjoyment of those things better, then let them. I'd buy their stock if I had any money. Hey Google, you owe me now!

And also, here's a hippy discovery: Mars Delights mmmmmmmmmmm good. Please send me some free. I mentioned them. Send me a few cases, please! They are all kinds of good.

I took some shrooms today. I have to be honest, they weren't the nicest ones I've had, but I got a deal on them from the stall in Camden I frequent. It was a pretty strong dose, but I am starting to think I've developed quite a tolerance to them lately. I took the equivalent of 50 grams fresh.

I say equivalent because actually I have a confession to make. A couple of weeks back I decided it was nonsense choking them down fresh. They are foul, and I hate normal mushrooms even on a good day. So now, I dry them out.

I dry them, powder them and stuff them into vegicaps. They’re portable, easy to swallow, no muss, no fuss, fun in a capsule.

As soon as they are dry, they become class "A". How fucking silly is that? They are mushrooms, fungus, nothing more. They contain psilocybin, which is a really cool drug that seems pretty harmless physically. It could turn your brain to mush, but then it probably was mush to begin with.

So yeah, besides spliff, my drug of choice right now is magic mushrooms. I dry 'em, powder them and jam them into capsules. My brand just got better.

At least I don't drink. That's not true, I don't drink much. Alcohol has been my drug of choice in the past, I've bellied-up to lots of bars. I'm still partial to a spot of fine VSOP cognac, Martells if you're buying.

But let's be honest, what drug causes the most damage to lives, to society?

Booze should be class fucking "A", look at the fucking trouble it causes. Look at any town centre on a Saturday night, but do it from a distance, or you might get your fookin' skull kicked in like!

Big H, charlie, E, they might fuck people up, but not like alcohol. Just because it’s legal and peddled on every street corner doesn't change the fact that it's A DRUG.

I'll tie my high horse up outside if you would be so kind as to fetch some straw.

We all get our jollies somehow, somewhere. So what?

Just leave me alone to trip out on my shroomies!

A friend of mine is off to Saudi Arabia in a few days. This is a big deal, they don't let foreign journos in there very often. A visa to Saudi can take years to score, lots tea drunk waiting for the guy with the rubber stamp as well. It's a shitty time to be going what with the whole jihad thing going on.

That's why he's going, to cover all these jihadis and their idea of fun. Today that meant killing a shedload of westerners, Americans, Brits, Aussies, nice. I hope my friend keeps his head down and comes back safe.

The hippy's making pizzas tonight, and staying up late. I'm planning on snoozing my way through Sunday because I'm working Sunday night. Haha I'm working, takes some getting used to after the last year or so!

Work, work, work, I'm getting paid again for watching tv, reading stuff on a PC, and talking on the telephone. What could be finer?

I've got 5 nights in the next eight days. That's £1,265 gross - fuck knows what I'll have to put aside to pay the taxman. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

I'd love to sit here and continue typing this nonsense, but I got fresh shrooms to pick. They're ready and dripping with shroomtastic goodness.
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