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Monday, May 31, 2004

Just another lazy hippy Monday, bank holiday Monday actually. Bank holidays don't really matter to me, especially now that I am freelance, but I bet you have the day off, you wage slave.

I made up some more of my special brain medicine today, I got lots to see me through the summer. The truth is that I don't have as many opportunities to shroom at the moment, due to my heavy work schedule. That's OK, as the SBM should keep for a few months at least.

I'm thinking I need to move into something stronger, perhaps Copelandia Cyanenscens, which are a different type of shroom. They're known as blue meanies, or gold caps and are suppose to be the strongest ones going. Dosages are much lower compared to p.cubes, which should mean I can make my caps stronger and need to take less of them. That would be good.

They are more expensive than more p.cubes and a bit harder to find, but it sounds like they are worth it. There are also a couple of companies in the UK selling grow kits, so that also might be an option. I need to find some reliable info on dosages so I know what I am doing as well. Soon, you mad crazy hippy, soon you will have some!

I'm really digging Big Brother already. I knew this year's group would be bad, but they have all exceeded even my expectations. Trust me, watch it or miss out on the best BB yet.

I'm feeling very chilled out today, which is a good thing since I am working for 3 nights in a row, starting on Tuesday night. This will be my heaviest month so far, and I am hoping July and August are even busier. The more I do now, the less I will need in the coming months, once everyone has had their summer holidays and there won't be as many shifts going. £££££££££££££££££££££ pretty much sums up my whorish attitude to work right now, gimme gimme gimme, mine, mine, mine!

I don't really know why I sat down to blog today, truth is I don't have that much to say. Life is all right at the moment. Except for my dying father of course.

My younger brother spoke to him about 10 days ago and we've heard nothing since. I even checked the obits in his local paper, just in case. It wouldn't surprise me if no one called to let us know he was gone. Modern family life sucks.

Anyway, I'm going to find something more interesting to do now, not just for my sake, but for yours too. Catch ya later masturbater!

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