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Friday, May 14, 2004

Mmmmmm, my lunch was tasty, there's nothing better than slowly-smoked meat! I could eat it every day. But not tonight, I'm still full and will be skipping dinner. Mrs. H is working late and will just have a salad and some toast, so kitchen duty is easy this evening.

I was hoping for a very peaceful and chilled out Saturday, but no such luck. My cleaner/plumber in training was suppose to install an outside water tap in my garden a couple of weeks ago, but had to cancel. This happens a lot with her.

We rescheduled to do it today, but again she was not able to do it; something to do with not being able to borrow the right drill for the hole through the wall. This means most of my day will be shot with this. She says it will take about 2 hours, so reckon on it really taking 3 or 4. She's coming at noon, which isn't so bad, but I know it will not be simple, smooth or stress-free. I can't fucking wait.

The weather in London today was splendid, as they threatened it would be earlier in the week. This meant central London was chock full of people, literally tripping over each other.

I made it back alive though.

If I can time it out right, tomorrow I would very much like to do some shrooming. I am very much in need of a good, strong trip. I want to see the pretty colours! I want the music to sound extra-good. I want to twist my mind up like a Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel!

That just made me think of hot street pretzels in NYC, covered in mustard, yummmmm!

It's weird, the things that you miss.

I'm stalling.

Really stalling.

Because I was suppose to ring my father today.

And yesterday.

Or the day before.

And I haven't.

I don't think I've even mentioned my last conversation with him on here. It was last weekend, Sunday. Mother's Day. I got to speak to them both.

My father sounded terrible, he said he'd had the worst week so far. The chemotherapy is again hitting him hard. None of this is a surprise, neither is my reaction.

I'm a total fucking coward who can't handle what's going on. At least I'm pretty honest about it. Like honesty will make it all better.

I'll have to call sometime, I can't just keep putting it off. Well, I can actually, I just shouldn't. It's bad enough I can't bring myself to visit, but this is an interesting turn. I can't bring myself to phone. Oh dear.

I need to shroom, I need to soon, I need to shroom, in my shroom room.
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