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Saturday, May 08, 2004

This hippy has no real excuse, I haven't written a word in my blog for 6 days. I could have found a spare 5 minutes to just drop by, say "hi", and remind the world I am still alive. I didn't.

Instead I worked 50 hours of nightshifts in the last 6 days on 4 different nights. I did three 12-hour nights at one place and one 14-hour night at the other. Fuck, was I exhausted by the time I finished. It's been a while since I worked that much. At all even!

I've got lots to share, here's the highlights of today's entry:

1) Observations on working again
2) Some new hippy musical pics
3) The obligatory shroom update
4) Some thoughts on pictures

It pays to be organised, or else my drug-addled brain might forget something.

I write lists a lot actually. I make one every day with a bunch of things I hope to accomplish. I do the same when I work, to keep track of the different things that need doing throughout the night. Lists are a good thing.

I've nearly nailed both jobs down pat I think, as best I can in a short period of time. Neither one is terribly demanding, but don't tell anyone that. I actually like the one with the longer hours and lower pay better, which is a bit depressing, but I can handle both with ease and still planning on doing both as long as I can.

I had my first roster conflict between the two this week, and I am certain there will be more to come as well. I don't want to say "no" to either company, I want to be as helpful and agreeable as possible. I need the cash.

I'll be invoicing them both soon for the first time, so I expect I'll finally see some money in June. Have faith, the first round is on me, mine will be a double anything!

A couple of new tunes to point out and even a few to slag off as well this week.

By far the best thing I have heard recently is the new D12 song, "My Band", which features Eminem quite prominently. It's a got a really great hook and the bridge-bit with the harmonies towards the end will give you goose pimples. It's a definite hippy thumbs up!

Outkast are about to release another great single, I saw the premier of the video on Top of the Pops last night. It's called "Roses" and its another winner. I still can't get enough of their music; it's excellent. "I know you like to think your shit don't stink...." is one of the best lyrics I've heard in a long time.

Here's one for my list that I shouldn't like at all, the new single from Avril Lavigne's latest, "Don't Tell Me". I know I shouldn't like it, but it is very good, almost anthemic tune. It's much better than her early material. Don't be surprised if you like it too.

Ok, now the stuff that's garbage. Peter Andre's "Insania" is a piece of crap. After all the build-up from IACGMOH, I thought he might actually be able to produce something better than this. It's really awful, but I bet it sells. Good taste is not something that the average single-buyer actually possesses.

Take a look at Christina Milian, the former teen singer whose new single called "Dip It Low" is being pimped out almost like porn. It charted at number 2 last week. How? Not because it is a great song, I've heard it a few times and still couldn't hum it for you now if I tried. Marketing is everything.

But the worst thing I have heard in a long time is Eamon's piece of shit, "Fuck It, I Don't Want You Back" and the musical reply from his ex-girlfriend, Frankee, "Fuck You Right Back." Putting "fuck" into your lyrics or even title, wow, really innovative.

Here's the thing kiddies; both of these songs have almost identical backing tracks, don't they? Now, how could that be? My guess is they are a co-ordinated release, done to maximize the sales of both. I wonder if Eamon and Frankee have even ever met before. It's fucking tosh and if you like or worse buy it, you are banned from my weblog. Don't come back!

Stick to D12, Outkast and maybe Avril. The rest is unadulterated shite. Have I steered you wrong yet?

I haven't shroomed this week, so far. Bummer I know, but I haven't had the time. These things happen. As always there is good news, bad news and better news regarding my shroom production.

The good news is I took a third flush from K3, which has proven to be the best of the three new kits I bought last month. The bad news is that K1, the mutant shroom growing brick is no more. I tossed it out yesterday. That's the second one I've lost from this batch. It's not a total loss, if you total up what I've grown so far and add to that the 100grams of freebies, I'm still ahead money-wise.

But here's the better news, a friend of mine from the EDIT forums posted me 2 kits for free, he would not even let me reimburse him for the cost of the postage. They are a different strain of p.cubes, Hawaiian instead of my usual Mexican. In a couple of weeks, It will be good to taste something new!

It was very generous of this guy to send me free kits, because he felt bad that I had these duff kits from my usual source. What a cool guy, eh? I hope good karma will now follow him around like a friendly puppy! Thanks mate!

I've got an abundance of shrooms at the moment, most of them dry and ready to be stuffed into vegicaps. There's a temptation to take some tonight, or maybe even Sunday night. How can I be the trippiest hippiest hippy on the net if I miss out on a week of shrooming? I can't, can I?

Sold, I'm getting monged at some point this weekend. I'm only working one night this week, so far. I'll probably be able to fit a second voyage in later in the week. If that doesn't keep my hippy cred high, nothing will.

I've got to score some weed this week as my stash is getting low. Being a full time drug user takes planning and preparation you know and I've perfected it. Party with this hippy and it's a guaranteed good time!

The last thing I want to mention is taking photos, specifically taking photos of things you don't want other people to know about.

Here in the UK, it's not just the Iraqi prisoner abuse photos that have been in the news, there's also a story concerning one of the countries best known soap-opera actors, a web-cam and his erect cock.

One of the stars of Eastenders (the BBC's most popular show) was caught by a Sunday tabloid masturbating in front of a webcam. The face pics have been in the newspapers, but they have spared us the sight of his penis thankfully.

Big deal, right now, as I sit here typing this, there are probably thousands of people around the world exposing themselves on webcams. The fact that a celebrity is doing it should not come as a surprise, but that he would allow pictorial evidence to be saved is simply astonishing. He's got so much to lose; more than most of us. It's a compulsion, an addiction; he can't stop himself I guess. I can see no other explanation.

What's shocking about the photos from Iraq is not what they show, but that they exist at all. No, I'm not saying I condone what they show, just that it would have been what I expected. There's no surprise to me that they would treat prisoners this way, none at all. That these trailer-trash, hayseed, motherfuckers would be dumb enough to take still photos and videotapes boggles my mind. How cuntastically stupid are they?

What they have done to the prisoners is unspeakably horrible and no human being, no matter what they've done, should be treated this way, ever. But the fact is it happens, all over, everywhere I expect. It's just the way people are; when they are given power over others, they abuse it. It's just too hard not too; the temptation is too great. We can't stop ourselves.

Advice for everyone, if you are going to do something you don't want anyone to know about, fucking don't take pictures!!!

That's it from the hippy for today. Hand on heart, I'll be back sooner and more often this week. Until they, stay high, stay happy, and stay out of the newspapers!

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