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Saturday, May 22, 2004

When I sit down to make a blog entry, it is always with the best intentions. I never expect to write anything amazing, but I do try to say "something". I know I don't always succeed.

I've spent the last two nights working, it went well. Actually, I've found it pretty easy, though I'm still climbing the learning curve. At least it's not as steep as it was a couple of weeks ago.

I can do both of my new jobs now, without too much hassle. It actually didn't take that long. Now all I have to do is get paid. Because I'm my own boss, I have to invoice for my money; services rendered and all that.

And it is official now, I am self-employed. The government has set up a brand new help line to assist budding entrepreneurs like myself to get started. I've even been contacted by the "North London Business Support Team", which is part of this new govt' initiative. I'm not sure what they do exactly, but the guy told me I wouldn't have to make any tax payments for 18 MONTHS. How about a double yippeeeee for that! Yipppeeee yipppeee!

I'll still have to set aside some dosh every month for taxes, but it can sit in my account gaining interest until then. I'm down with that. I wonder if I upgraded my blog to the premium blogspot paid service, if I could deduct it from my gross income. I bet I can! I'm going to deduct everything...

I wonder if I can include my spliff and shrooms? By all rights I should, since they are total necessities; I couldn't be the northlondonhippy without them.

You see, I've done it again. I actually had a different topic for today, but my window of opportunity has now passed.

Catch ya later, catch ya tomorrow, catch you soon....!
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