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Friday, June 11, 2004

Friday morning, 10am and the hippy is semi-conscious. Blame the warm weather, I'm just not sleeping well at all.

My cleaner is here, with a friend, recall she is becoming a plumber. She is installing an outside water tap for me today, to make it easier to water the garden. It's something I've wanted to do for years.

This is her fourth attempt at installing it, or rather, planning to install it. The previous three arrangements didn't pan out, I don't really know why. Or care.

"Why" is a silly question most of the time, I rarely ask "why". Does it matter why it's taken 4 attempts to install the tap? No! Telling me why is wasting my time.

I'm result orientated, so either something happens, or it doesn't. Say your favourite football team is planning an important match, a cup final even. Whether they lose because of penalties, or "the hand of god", it doesn't matter, they still lost.

Sorry about the football analogy, but with Euro2004 starting, it's a bit hard to escape. Don't blame me if England crash out early! I'm not really a fan.

The papers here are reporting that the Portuguese will not be arresting anyone for possession or consumption of marijuana during the tournament. Big fucking deal! That's the way it works in Portugal all the time, it is decriminalised there, like it is suppose to be here. Well, nearly anyway, since they rescheduled weed to class "C".

God, I could use a spliff right about now! But alas, with my cleaner and her friend here, it just ain't an option. I've got to go out in a little while, I'll sneak one while I walk to the tube.

I am too tired for this. Maybe I'll come back later.

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