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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hey hey! The hippy is IN!

I was looking at an easy, relaxing, shroom-filled weekend, but no such luck! Instead, I'm working Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, in other words, better luck! I don't make any money when I shroom, but I do when I work, result!

I had to go off-sick for a few shifts at the other job (I'll explain shortly)and that meant I actually lost money this month. This is the downside of self-employment. Working these extra shifts this weekend means I've nearly made up the shortfall. I think I can call the work I lost a loss; I was confirmed to work them and didn't, so that should come off my profits and offset some tax, result again. I'm getting the hang of this!

Ok, the reason your faithful hippy had to miss out on some work is simple: I really was unwell. I haven't been well for the last few weeks or so. I've had belly troubles.

I've been having trouble keeping food down. Whenever I've eaten in the last few weeks, I've felt uncomfortably full, even if all I've had is a small amount. A full meal and I would feel nauseous and throw-up, everything I've eaten. This purging of my meals reached its peak last week, in the middle of a 14-hour shift at my other job. I had to go home at 2am. Not good.

Due to this puking, I had to hand back two additional shifts there as well, but managed to work 2 shifts at the first job. Simple, they are shorter, and I didn't eat at all while I was there. You can't throw-up what you haven't eaten.

Flash-forward to Monday, I managed to get appointment with my GP. I thought I had some sort of tummy bug or something, but he quickly saw that this was not the case.

I believe I've mentioned here that I was born with a HIATUS HERNIA. Well, my doctor thinks my present troubles are directly related to it. He thinks the hernia has probably gotten worse, or it's just an accumulation of damage done to my stomach from years of chronic heartburn.

That's the only symptom I've ever really had from it, chronic, severe heartburn. I've controlled the condition with medication for 28 years, I was first diagnosed what I was 13 years old. That's a long time!

My doc changed the medication I take, hoping to calm it down in the short term, it will take a week or so to see if this works. In the longer term, if it has gotten worse, really worse, I could actually require surgery to correct. This is only done in extreme cases and it's looking like mine might qualify. Oh dear.

Anyway, I go back to my doctor in a fortnight and more than likely he will refer me to a specialist for further tests. Oh joy. At least, if I do need the surgery, it should correct it once and for all. Maybe I wouldn't need to take the medication any more. That would be good.

So you see, being the northlondonhippy isn't all fun and games. It should be though, shouldn't it?
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