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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hey ho...

It's the middle of the night, the hippy's at work. Not a bad night actually, my third one out of nine in a row. I'm a third of the way towards the end now. Yawn.

I've decided to look at this mini-work marathon as a little endurance test. It's a long time since I've worked this much so it's good to know I still can do it. Old age hasn't defeated me yet! It's 114 hours over nine nights, child's play really.

Back in the day, I was work-mad and can recall doing runs of as many as 20 in a row. Nine's a piece of cake, easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. This hippy can take it.

So how about that handover of power in Iraq on Monday, eh? I was working and we didn't expect the date to be moved forward. It was total meltdown. Everyone was caught off guard.

Tell me this: If the situation is so great in Iraq, why was the formal handover of power done without any advance notice, in secret, away from the media? Simple, because the handover was meaningless and the situation on the ground is just as bad or worse than it's ever been. It has to be said, but no one is saying it loud enough to heard.

I listened to Tony Blair waffling on about it. He said that with the exception of security and electricity, the situation there has greatly improved, or something to that effect.


What he is saying is that it's unsafe for Iraqis to leave their homes or they very well might be killed. So you can't go out and you have to stay home. There's no electricity, so there they are, sitting at home, all the time, in the dark. Sounds like the perfect existence to me. You could say at least its summer and the sun is shining for a good part of the day. True, but in Baghdad that means the temp hits about 45 degrees celsius and no ac/dc means no aircon.

You would have to be brain-dead not to see through their blatant misrepresentations. I know I am the king of cynicism, but come on! The handover of power was symbolic at best, the Americans will still be pulling the strings. How in control would you feel if you had 150,000 troops camping out in your country? Don't believe the lies gang!

No news on my dad, though working nights is not conducive to getting any. I don't want to phone my mother while I'm working, it's just to difficult and emotional to risk falling apart here. And my younger brother's been away for a day or so, though he's back now, so if she had tried to reach him with news, she wouldn't have gotten him. Maybe I'll hear something soon.

Tube strike! If you are lucky enough to live in London, you'll know that the Underground workers are staging a 24 hour walk out, which began on Tuesday night. I get taxis provided by my employers, that is, if there are any to be had! Demand is obviously high...I hope I get home in the morning, and back in tonight.

I haven't given a shroom-growing update in a while, so I thought I would take moment to catch you up. One of the 2 kits I've got left hasn't produced anything in well over a week, I think it is spent. The other continues to provide a few shroomies every week or so, but will be finished soon too. Once the 2nd one is finished I can clean out the propagator and put it away. Then I'll take a break from growing.

I haven't "capped" any in a while and reckon once the last kit is done and they are ready, I'll make up a last batch of my special brain medicine. That means I'll have somewhere in the region of 15 strong (or 20 medium, or 30 light) doses all ready to go. I'll be set for a while.

My plan is wait until I've used up most of it, then move onto the previously mentioned Copelandia strain, but that will be months away.

On the tripping front, I've got a couple of possible target dates next week to get off my face. As always, I am in dire need of my special brain medicine, though some might question my logic of taking some when I am waiting for a phone call at any minute to tell me my father's dead. Perhaps I should question my logic as well.

The "Shroom with the Hippy" contest continues, but still no winner. I've made the date flexible, so now there's no deadline! You can enter anytime you wish! The link remains on this page, bet you can find it!

I was in my local supermarket on Monday morning, after work, wound-up, tired, and cranky. There was a much older gentleman in the queue in front of me, who continued to chat to the till-person long after he paid for and bagged up his goods. I could feel myself becoming increasingly pissed off by this unnecessary delay to the point where I nearly snapped.

I say "nearly" because I didn't snap. I couldn't. Not when I really thought about what was really transpiring.

I've witnessed scenes like this before, lonely elderly people desperately trying to make conversation with the check-out staff. When it hit me that the man was sad and on his own and this was probably the only human interaction he might have that day, or even this week, I practically burst out crying. That could be me some day, though if I'm lucky I won't live that long.

I like to pretend I'm some hard-ass motherfucker, but in reality, I just a big sensitive softy. Bless.
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