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Saturday, June 19, 2004

I haven't been here in a few days, but I warned you all I wouldn't. I'm working hard yet hardly working, there hasn't been much to do tonight. Yes, I am blogging from work, which is a bit risky, since no one here knows about my secret internet identity.

It's not that big a deal, should someone discover who I am, I'm not ashamed or embarrassed by anything I've written, but there is something to be said for remaining anonymous. I can say whatever the fuck I want.

Big Brother. Big Bother. If you haven't heard the big news from the house (and if you haven't, you must not pay much attention to the media), there was a huge row on Wednesday night, which was broken up by the security guards. It was that bad.

I was working that night and had the live feed piped to my desk as the fight started. They cut the coverage for over an hour. As BB events go, it was pretty exciting, even non-viewers showed interest as this was unfolding.

I've caught lots of classic BB moments live, thanks to working nights, right from the first series. BB is perfect for tv junkies like myself, because it generates hours and hours of television.

As I predicted, so far, this year's BB is the best yet, though there are concerns from the serious, fan-geeks that it peaked too early. My feeling is they have done detailed pre-production and even more interesting twists and turns are to come in the ensuing weeks. If you are not watching, it's not too late, you can still jump on the BB5 bandwagon!

Work is going well, people continue to be happy with my performance at this job. I'm getting loads of work here at job number one, 15 shifts this month and eleven booked for July already. Keep 'em coming, I want the dosh!

I'm still considering what to do with the 2nd job. The truth is I'm not getting all that much from them, I had 4 shifts with them this month (and went off-sick for three of them) and only 5 in July. The shift is too long, the money too low, but I shouldn't let it go until I am certain that things are solid with the other one. Oh the trials and tribulations of a freelance media-whore!

Shrooms, I'm missing them. It's been weeks since my last trip. It's been so long that I can't remember exactly when my last experience was...I'd need to search this blog to come up with it. I finish this run of shifts on Monday morning and the plan is to have a bit of a nap, then shroom the evening away.

Mrs. Hippy is visiting her family this weekend and not back till Tuesday, so Monday night is my night to party. Not that I can't take them when she is around, but the fact is it wouldn't be fun for her to watch me completely off my face all night. Also, since I am working so much, the time I do spend with her is more limited, so I should be relatively sober when I do.

That's not to say I don't still smoke dope continuously, because I do. I've been a bit nervous about partaking at work, though have snuck the odd, crafty spliff. I just need to be careful, I have a good gig here. Smoking has to come 2nd to working; without working, there would be no spliff!

It's Father's Day tomorrow and that means it's hippy confessional time.

I've not spoken to my dad for about 4 weeks, which I think is the longest I've ever left it. He and my mom have been in touch with my younger brother, but not me. I don't know why. I'll be phoning him on Sunday evening to wish him a happy father's day.

Which is a lie, because it's not a happy father's day at all, is it? My brother and I are here in London and he's slowly dying of cancer. Happy my fucking ass.

And here's my confession: When I went to the card shop to pick one out for my father, I just couldn't do it. I walked out near tears. There were no appropriate cards, the inscriptions were all shit. "Have the best father's day ever", "Relax and enjoy your special day", you get the idea. I just couldn't do it. I'm the worst son ever.
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