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Thursday, June 03, 2004

I just had a private screening of Shrek 2 and I enjoyed it far more than I expected. It is very good, excellent even and I laughed out loud more than once. I dare say it is even better than the first one. Sorry to start out with that, but I've literally just finished it and am still a bit jazzed. It is really funny.

The problem with my flexible schedule is that I am going back and forth between days and nights and sleeping at weird times. I had a four hour nap today and still feel quite tired. To be honest, I'm not feeling all that great. I think something might actually be wrong, but my doctor is on leave until next week. More details to come when I have them, hopefully it's nothing serious.

I'm always coming up with clever ideas for things to write about, then forgetting them. A clever hippy with short term memory loss would be writing these things down, but I'm not nearly that smart. I do write down real-life things, I think I have mentioned that I make lists of things to do all the time. I'm just not in the habit of jotting down my thoughts, because I always think "well, if the idea is that good, I'll just remember it." Most of the time, I don't.

Who knows how many million-pound ideas I've let slip away because I forgotten them? Not me, because, like I said, I forgot them.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I would really like to be doing. It's not that I'm fed up with my new work already, far from it. I would even consider a staff job from one of them. But I know what I would like to be doing...

I've got an idea for a television programme, well its a two stage idea really. Part of it is a pioneering technology, which could revolutionize the level of interactivity possible with viewers. The second stage would be to use this technology as part of a new late-night format.

Basically, I would like Channel 4 here in the UK to give me 2 hours every Friday night, 23:30 would do me fine. I want to take back television and put it in your hands, everyone's hands. I want to make the most interactive possible, live entertainment & chat show. I'm selling it short here, I know that, but I don't want to give much away.

Remember The Word, or The Tube, when people used to rush home after the pubs chucked them out to see what was on this week. I know I'm on to a winner and everyone can be a part of it.

The show would be for hip, cool, media savvy people who are tired of bullshit television. If you come on my show as a guest, we all know you're trying to punt something, we're not going to lie about it. I'd want the coolest bands, the edgy-ist comedians, people in the news, once the set's built and we're on the air, we can do any goddamn thing we want. And anyone can be a part of it, we'd have a small audience in the studio and so many ways for people at home to participate that you just won't have any excuse not to join the fun.

My problem is a lack of connections to this end of the industry, though like most things, I am sure it's not insurmountable. Channel 4 have loads of resources on their website about submitting proposals for commissions. I'm just one fuckwit on my own, without funding, or a production company, backing, anything. So approaching C4 directly is not an option.

I've decided C4 is the best bet for this because of the direction I want to take it and also I think they would give me the freedom to make the show I am imagining.

So my only real option is to take it to an established production company. I've thought about this at length and have settled on the one company that would get the idea, have the resources to put together the technology side, then sell the format over-seas. Yes, I really believe that the interactive angle I've got in mind is that good. And once the backbone of the tech is in place, you could use if for other programmes, even lease it out to people to use occasionally.

I'm saying too much here, but it's an idea I am excited about, it's just getting that initial 5-10 minutes with the right person. I think I should put a few hours this week into moving this forward, I know if I can pitch it, someone will say "yes".

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