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Friday, June 25, 2004

I'm back; did anyone miss me?

It's Friday morning, wait, nearly Friday afternoon, I've been awake since about 4:30pm on Friday. I'm surprisingly wide-awake actually. If you factor in the spliff, it's a goddamn miracle!

So much to write about, where shall I start?

How about where I left off on Monday...I woke up Monday evening and the first thing I did was ingest some of my special brain medicine. I took a big, fat dose, 20 capsules. These came from a new batch, made from Hawaiian p.cubes, the strain I have been cultivating recently. Even though I took so many caps, the net weight of the dose was 5.4grams, which is right around my regular dose.

The Hawaiians are strong, stronger than my usual Mexicans and the trip kicked-in much faster than I expected. It was a very introspective trip, no music videos or other distractions, I just drifted around in my own head. I was still very tired on Monday night and I am sure that played a part in the experience as well.

Once I was peaking, I felt a strong urge to stretch out on the sofa, close my eyes and just be inside my drug-fucked mind. I'm struggling now to recall the journey, which is odd because during the trip I found it all very vivid. It was like my imagination was in hyper-drive and I was in some sort of extra-reality.

At one point, I was close to unlocking all the secrets of the universe, every single mystery was about to be revealed...or was revealed...I'm just not sure, I faded out towards the end and fell asleep. Bummer man. I could have known all, instead I still just some dumb-fuck hippy.

It wasn't my usual sort of experience. Normally when I shroom, it's all happy and fun and my living room turns into Disneyland. This was nothing like that. It was enjoyable in a dark and twisted sort of way and I suppose I had the sort of trip I needed that day. Working as much as I have done, with more, more, MORE to come, I needed some sort of release valve.

Also, I had a slight cold come on Monday morning, which might have had an effect on both my trip and my sleepiness.

I slept from Tuesday night until nearly Wednesday evening in advance of working that night. That helped shake the cold more than anything else would have done. Its simple, decent rest cures most things. I’m nearly over it now.

The question of my immediate occupational future was answered this week. I'm sure you are as relieved as I am to learn this. I was offered a contract from one of my two employers and I've said yes. Soon I will be working exclusively with them. They have been giving me plenty of work and say there's plenty more to come. The contract will make the arrangement formal. Sounds good to me. It also comes with some benefits, like pro-rata holiday and sick pay. It could be the first step back to a proper full time job.

The other company doesn't know any of this yet. Shhhhh, it is still a secret.

To be honest, I am a bit pissed off with them. For starters, they still haven't paid me for the work I did in May. It's nearly July now. Also, as I've mentioned that the hours are very long and the pay is not great. The other thing is they said they would have loads of work for me. False. They are only throwing a few shifts a month my way, at least they have done for the last couple of months. Put it this way, if it was my only job, I couldn't live on it.

There's really no contest, one is clearly better, and that's the one I'm choosing. I can work less, make more and enjoy it at the same time.

Company two just offered me a bunch of shifts, 3 in July, which I have already refused and 7 in August, which I have not said "no" to yet. I haven't said "yes" either. They were not impressed. Tough.

I've got 5 more shifts with them over the next few weeks and I am really wishing I didn't, I kind of dreading them. They are just sooooo long, 14 hours of long. But I've agreed to do them, and I will, even if I know they will take forever to pay me. After these, I don't think I will be working for them any more. I'm kind of relieved.

Euro 2004. If you were supporting England, like the hippy, you will not be very happy this morning. You can blame the Swiss referee, you can blame Beckham for missing the penalty, you could even blame Wayne Rooney for getting injured, but the sad, simple fact is: England lost. At the end. Of the match. Tell me this hasn't happened before and I'll call you a liar.

I knew I was setting myself up for disappointment, but I went along with it anyway. Oh well. Thankfully, like most things in life, I don't take any of it too seriously. You shouldn't either; life is too short.

Take a big hint from the hippy, don't support Tim Henman at Wimbledon, he always disappoints, especially a hometown crowd. He'll crash out early, he always does.

I met him once, I won't bore you with the details. He's a complete toss-pot, up his own ass and mean to children. I saw that part myself, so sue me. You'll have to find me first. Even I'm not mean to children! He's a class A cunt. Support Tim Henman and you support a loser.

Stick to Big Brother. I won't argue that it's been a bit duller since the excitement of last week’s big brawl, but you must realise that the producers needed to calm the situation in the house down, or they risked blowing the entire run. No one wants to see it end early, do they? I didn't think so. Be patient, the excitement will crank up again, I'm sure.

The hippy says: Vanessa will be leaving tonight. Bye bye 'nessa! You cold bitch. You should have shagged Jason anyway.

Beverly Knight. Wicked tune, a stomping rocker called "Come As You Are." Nothing to do with the Nirvana track, but it will surprise you. It's got crashing guitars and a thumping beat. It wasn't what I expected from her. Check it out if you get the chance.

My dad went into the hospital a couple of days ago. My younger brother heard this from my mother. He heard lots of other things, but she's difficult to understand, so he didn't get much more than that. They think he might have pneumonia, again. I just hope he's not suffering, I hope he's not in any pain. I'll try to speak to my mom later today to get an update. I'll leave this one alone for now.

I'm finally running out of steam and will be taking a wee nap soon. If I'm a good hippy, I'll come back tomorrow and share more of my wild and wonderful adventures with you. Pop some popcorn, I'm sure it will be a corker.
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