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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Kitten is out! This pleases me, I really hated her. She was the worst contestant from all 5 series and that's really saying something. I hoped, prayed and dreamed they would boot her out. I'm very glad they did.

Kitten? You need to be watching the fifth series of Big Brother here in the UK to know what I am talking about. Kitten was a housemate on the show, a lesbian, anarchist, political activist idiot. I've never disliked someone on a reality show this much. She was ruining it and it will only get better now that she is out.

She was boring and predictable, being loud and acting like a child should not be justification for dominating the coverage. Now that she's out of the way, the other crazies in the house might get some screen time.

OK, so I'm a little obsessed with Big Brother, or so you think...but there are plenty of webmongs worse than me.

The term "webmong" is something I picked up from the POPBITCH website. I picture them as fat, ugly and drooling on the keyboard. Ok I might be a bit fat and ugly, but I really don't drool, well, unless I'm shroomed. I'm not shroomed now.

If you want the news on BB:UK, you could visit the OFFICIAL SITE, which is good for news and the official Channel 4 view of events in the house. But that's not good enough for the true obsessive. Trust me, I'm an amateur.

For the real deal, check out DIGITAL SPY'S unofficial DIGITAL SPY: BIG BROTHER WEBSITE. If you want more than C4 are offering, this is the place to go.

DS is a website devoted to all things televisual and is an excellent resource for info and gossip on technology and sometimes production as well. It has some good forums on digital television, satellite tv and PVRs, like my trusty SKY+. But the DS:BB site is dedicated to all things BB.

Besides news, DS:BB offers HOURLY LIVE UPDATES transcribed by people who watch the live streams obsessively, so you don't have to yourself. It's a good way to catch up on everything. See, I'm not so bad now, am I?

They also have columnists, including former housemate from last year's series JON TICKLE, who was always good for a laugh.

But the best part of the site by far are the PUBLIC FORUMS, which are chock full of the kind of superfans who put me to absolute shame. I've got an ID on there myself, as I thought if I wanted to rant like a madman about BB, that was the best place; more so then here. My ID is n_londonhippy...because they wouldn't allow northlondonhippy - it was too long. At least you know how to find me there now, whoever you are.

I discovered DS:BB during the very first series, someone had posted secret links to lots of webstreams which were not generally available or known about by the general public. Since C4 started charging for the webstreams, I don't bother, but E4 interactive is my friend. I read today you can get it streamed to your mobile phone, if you have the right model. Now it would be cool to see the technology in action, but sadly my T630 wasn't on the list. Small loss.

I've included a link to my blog on my DS profile, so maybe so people might stumble upon it. Same with the EDIT FORUMS, there's a link to this blog on there as well. I'm at a bit of a loss when it comes to promoting this blog, I really don't know what I should to get it noticed. I'm even less sure that I want to get it noticed. Maybe, maybe not.

I'm not normally much of an attention seeker, not in real life or on the net. I like to remain in the background and not get noticed usually. I think my problem with the blog is that I do want people to read it, mainly because I've taken the time to write something, I've made an effort. Whether it's good or bad is not the issue, written words are meant to be read. Suggestions on a postcard. Ok, I'll settle for an email or IM on yahoo. And remember, the comments section is now turned ON.

So if you have magically managed to make it here, congratulations and GO YOU! As always, I welcome your comments and feedback, as long as they are positive. If you want to say something negative, you can just blow me. Especially if you are Britney Spears. Or look like her. Or have any racy pictures of her.
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