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Monday, June 21, 2004

La la la.

Last night of five, yipppee for the hippy! Come 7am, I am finished and on the tube, by 8am I'm home, spliff in hand, feet-up and a new episode of the Simpsons to enjoy!

My younger brother is dropping by for a quick visit, then after that it's hippy nap time. When I wake up, I think I am going to take a large dose of shrooms and trip my head off. Now that's what I call a Monday night!

Beyond that, my day is looking pretty relaxed, as all of my days off should be!

I haven't decided if I'm going to watch the England v Croatia Euro2004 match or not, since I will be off my face, it probably wouldn't be as much fun as MTV...

And since I put the FUN in fungus, I think music videos are the way to go. Or hardcore porn, which could be entertaining while shroomed, but sadly I don't have any videos at the moment.

So here's a transition for you, from hardcore porn to my dying father...

I phoned him on Sunday to wish him a happy father's day. He was only on the phone with me for about :30 seconds and all he could keep telling me is that he shakes all the time, even when he is lying in bed. Then he handed the phone over to my mother.

I only got about a third of what she said, as she was particularly difficult to understand. Besides asking about my work (which is a regular topic as work is more important to my parents than even my health) and telling me something about my father seeing some doctor this week and she would phone to tell me or my brother the outcome.

It's all very fucking depressing and I just don't know what more I can say. I think I try to keep it out of my mind as much as I can, which is pretty shitty of me. What can I say, I even disappoint myself.

Roll on 7am, roll on a night of shrooming!

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