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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Twice in one day, oh hippy you are spoiling us.

I'm only back because I am bored. I've done everything that needs doing today. I'd shroom, but I've got a nice dinner planned with Mrs. Hippy tonight, so fasting is not an option.

I had planned on shrooming this Saturday, but the aforementioned additional and much needed work this weekend means that the opportunity has gone away. That's OK, there's always next week.

Recall a while ago, I considered running a contest, "Win an afternoon/evening of shrooming with the northlondonhippy". Well, reaction to that idea has muted at best...ok, Mrs. Hippy and my younger brother both said I was "nuts". Did they only just figure this out? I haven't heard from anyone else.

So I've decided what the heck, let's run a contest. There's not much time, as the 2 dates I would be available to shroom with the winner are Thursday the 17th or Monday the 21st of June.

If you are a regular reader, you'll know I've mentioned this before.

Well, right in the middle of blogging this very entry, I did it! I've made the contest official!

Click here for details.

I'm looking forward to receiving *your* entry!
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