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Monday, July 12, 2004

Blah blah blah.

I just finished watching last night's Panorama and it wound me up so much that I had to log on and vent. A sane person would be going to bed right now, but when did I ever claim I was sane?

The BBC have done what they do best with last night's Panorama; they presented a well-researched, carefully laid out explanation of what went into Britain's case for invading Iraq. More specifically, it took a very in-depth look at how the intelligence was assembled, presented, distorted and ignored.

I won't begin to outline the details here as it would be beyond my capabilities or interest. I'm sure the clever surfer could find heaps of information on this broadcast, which I am sure will be repeated (and merits one soon!) if you live in the UK. If you don't, you might get lucky and someone will upload a copy somewhere.

It doesn't matter why the Blair's regime misrepresented the information presented to them by the intelligence services and more importantly the concerns raised by senior members about the veracity of it. Whether it was willful misinformation or plain incompetence is not the issue, all that matters is that it happened. They knew what they were saying about Iraq's capabilities was unreliable, yet they preached it like it was gospel.

You might have noticed I called the current UK government "Blair's regime" in the last paragraph. It's a loaded word, if you haven't noticed, it is always used to describe Saddam Hussein's former government. Kim Jong Il's "regime" in North Korea is another good example. Well this hippy has decided that Blair and Bush are worthy of the word as well.

Their "regime's" invaded a country knowingly under false pretenses. Over one-thousand US and British lives have been lost in the last 15 months and an estimated 11,000 Iraqis (Source: BBC Panorama) have died. And for what? For nothing more than a big steaming bowl of cunt soup.

You'll notice I quoted the BBC as a source in the above paragraph. I did it for a reason. The BBC is very reliable, last night's documentary is only further proof of that. I would imagine no factual programme in recent memory has probably been more rigorously fact checked and legalled from here to Xmas and back. I'm sure they can stand by every word of it.

One of the most impressive decisions made by the producers was not to draw conclusions, but to lay out the facts as given to the BBC by their named and anonymous sources and compare it with what Blair said publicly at the time. Viewers would be hard pressed to reach any conclusion other than the obvious one, that he cherry picked from the very thin speculation contained in the intelligence reports and presented it publicly as hard fact. Remember that it doesn't matter why he did it, only that he did.

Basically, if you believe that the BBC got it right last night, and I do, then Andrew Gilligan got it 98% right during his one questionable broadcast on the Today programme. That's a percentage I could live with on a story, how about you. He's vindicated so are Greg Dyke and Gavin Davis now that I think of it.

I'd like to be the first person to call for all three to be re-instated into their former positions, all with a decent pay rise and written apologies from the BBC board and the Blair regime. Oh, and Alistair Campbell too.

I'm sure the last thing Gilligan, Dyke and Davies would want is the internet's most shroomtastic stoner, yours truly, the northlondonhippy as their loudest cheerleader, but who knows? Perhaps this could be the launch of a grassroots call for them to be put right back where they were. Anything can happen if you really believe it.

Oh and Messers Dyke and Davies, don't be put off by the drugs and the whinging, if you wanted to offer me some highly paid position of prominence in your next venture, I wouldn't be unduly dismissive of any offer. I mean, let's face it, neither one of you are ready to retire and you’re both bound to land somewhere interesting. Keep me in mind, I actually have some rather revolutionary ideas to exploit. 'Nuff said.

Well that's my rant over with, perhaps now I'll be able to wind down and get some deeply needed zzzzzzzzzz's. Watch this edition of Panorama if you can, and sit there like me with your mouth wide open. Just don't let any flies get in.
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