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Monday, July 26, 2004

The following press release was sent to some of my favourite media outlets this morning:

For immediate release

Monday 26 July 2004 – 10:00bst

Attn: News Editors / Features Editors

"To promote his web log, the northlondonhippy
announces a contest to give away his car.”

The self-proclaimed "most shroomtastic stoner on the
internet", the northlondonhippy, is giving away the
legendary hippymobile to promote 'the northlondonhippy

The hippy, as he is affectionately known, has a small
yet loyal following on the 'net, but feels the time is
now right for a proper promotion to expand his

The ‘northlondonhippy blog’ is very personal, the
hippy holds nothing back as he "lives the hippy life,
so you don't have to…" The hippy is part philosopher,
part media critic and a staunch advocate of natural
highs, including and especially: fresh and legal magic

A media professional by trade, the hippy shares his
uncensored thoughts and feelings on a wide range of
subjects, from politics and current events to the
latest in music, film and television. The hippy also
keeps you up to date on aspects of his personal life
and drug consumption.

"As a shameless self-promoter and media-whore, there's
nothing I won't do to promote my blog and that
includes giving my ride away to one of my readers, "
the hippy explained. "This contest is NOT a joke, I
really am just going to hand over the keys to the
hippymobile to one lucky winner. And not just the
keys, but the whole damn car!”

Naturally, there’s slight, yet simple catch. “Who-ever
wins, can't disclose my real-life identity, and
they’ll have to sign a confidentiality agreement, that
is a major part of the deal. Staying anonymous is a
big part of being the northlondonhippy." Indeed, the
hippy's identity is a closely guarded secret, known to
only a few people.

The car, a white H-reg Rover 216 GSI, valued at nearly
£500.00, will be handed over to the lucky winner by 31
August 2004.

"The car's in good nick, the road tax is paid till the
end of the year. The MOT is due is early September,
but I'm certain it will pass. Oh, and it could use a
good wash, otherwise its in perfect running order,"
the hippy said with a wry smile.

Asked why he was ready to part with his automobile,
the hippy explained: "Look man, the Baghdad blogger
never gave anyone a car, neither did Belle du Jour. As
far as I know, I'm the first blogger in the world to
offer up his car as a promotional prize. I want people
to read my blog, isn’t that reason enough?"

The contest is open to anyone 18+ years of age, a
resident of the UK possessing a full UK picture
driver’s license. The winner will be responsible for
any and all taxes, MOT and insurance as well as
collecting the car from fabulous north London. The
northlondonhippy is the sole judge of this contest and
his decision will be final. The northlondonhippy
accepts neither liability nor responsibility for
anything pertaining to the vehicle once ownership of
the car has been transferred to the winner.

To enter, all you have to do is send an email to with "Gimme your car you
crazy hippy!" in the subject line and tell the hippy
why he should give YOU the hippymobile. Full details
of the contest are available on the northlondonhippy

Check out the hippy's blog here:

More details on the contest here:

The hippy homepage:


Please direct all editorial queries to the hippy via

To request an interview with the hippy, please email
the hippy directly

# # # ENDS # # #
Let's see if anyone picks up on the story. It's the silly season, everyone's short of news, perhaps it just might work!

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