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Friday, July 16, 2004

Hey ho hippy time!
I have a very good excuse for not dropping by for the last few days...the keyboard on my home PC packed up and died.
It was nearly 5 years old, a nice ergonomic wireless model, but it stopped working properly. I tried new batteries, I tried re-booting everything, but no luck. This morning I went up to my local high street shop and plunked down £25 quid on a new Logitiec corded keyboard.
Since I'm planning on replacing this computer (finally) in the next few months, I thought it wasn't worth spending too much. I could have bought an even cheaper one, but I wanted to go with a brand I trust.
Anyway, I'm back online and all is right with the hippy!
Well, that's not strictly true, but you'll note I'm limiting the amount of personal information I'm sharing at the moment. There's  a reason for this, but now is not the time to go into any more detail than that.
When I logged into blogger just now, I noticed that there are some new features, including the option of uploading photos. Let's try it out right now with the northlondonhippy logo!
Ok, I've tried it twice and it has failed both times. Either I'm really stupid or they are still working the bugs out of the system. I know which one I think is true!
There's so much I could write about today, from the miserable, muggy weather to the whitewash that is the Butler Report, but I can't be bothered. I'd say the weather is causing me to feel quite lethargic, though I was a good hippy this morning, besides picking up the keyboard, I made a trip out to my local super-dooper-supermarket and did a pretty big shop.  I think I can chill out and relax for the rest of the day.
Mrs. Hippy is off too and around all weekend. She's still getting over her bad cold and is not taking her planned trip to see her family this weekend. I've got dinners planned for the next 2 nights, so all is well.
That's it from the hippy, at least you know I'm still alive, around and rockin' on! That's more than I can say about some people.
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