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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Like yo...

I have to say that so far I'm underwhelmed by the response to the "win the hippymobile contest". You'd think, or well, at least I would think that a free car, even a pre-owned Rover like mine would generate some interest. It's early days yet, someone really is going to win my car. It could be *you* if you enter. You know where to click----------->

I'm not back to work until the weekend, I've got a few days off to chill out. Perhaps chill out is not the best choice of phrase as the mercury is going to tip 30 degrees C in the next few days. Hot and humid is not a combination I enjoy and I'm not looking forward to the muggy heat to come. I'll survive; I always seem to.

I've got a new washing machine being delivered tomorrow, 'cause the old one died last week. I hate it when pricey things give up the ghost, it was only about 4 years old. Don't worry, this time I checked out WHICH magazine and made to sure to get one of their "Best Buys". It pays to do your homework.

Naturally, being internet friendly, I shopped and ordered it online. It's amazing the differences in price you can find on the exact same model from different sites. And tell me this: why is it the absolute cheapest price is on a website I've never heard of and doesn't list any way to contact them other than email. If you can't put your telephone number or postal address on your website you're not going to get me to spend hundreds of pounds with my credit card! I ended up going for the cheapest price from a named retailer. Their delivery policy looked pretty good as well, though I'll know for sure tomorrow if it comes on time and is easily installed. You didn't think I would connect myself, did you? I'm useless at stuff like that.

I spoke to my mother today; it was not good. It was worse than not good, it was horrible. I could barely understand her, she sounded tired and very upset. I'm not going to revisit the details now, I'm trying to put it out of my mind.

Sometimes I wish I still did proper class "A" drugs, as nothing numbs you out more than a bit of charlie and booze. It's a particularly unhealthy combination and I would not recommend anyone out there to do it. I don't have to recommend it, it’s already pretty popular without my help. They both just go together so well.

It's nearly 2 years since I've had a taste of anything powdered and I've got no intention of going back to it. It's a great escape, but it doesn't last, you still end up sober with the same problems you were running away from in the first place. That doesn't mean I can't think about it, or even secretly wish that it wasn't so damn bad for you. And expensive, don't forget the cost.

See that's part of the problem with drugs and the advice that's given to people about them. Drugs have positive effects, if they didn't, people would not take them. But they also have a down side, and for some people it can be worse than others. Some people can smoke crack every weekend and not suffer from it, others have one hit and they lost in it forever. Nothing's ever straightforward.

But here, the hippy tries to bring you the truth and both sides of the argument when it comes to drugs. And why not? Someone should.

I'll be around for the next couple of days, sorting through the contest entries, waiting for white goods and generally just living that hippy life so you don't have to!

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