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Saturday, July 31, 2004

My PC is a piece of crap. I wrote a lengthy entry on Friday, chock full of great jokes, insightful observations and sexual innuendo and do you what happened? My computer crashed before I could publish it and I lost the entire goddamn thing. I was so pissed off I didn't bother to try and recreate it.

But it's a day later and I find myself killing time before I head out to work, so they thought I would log in and let the words flow.

I spent yesterday shrooming, well late in the afternoon through to the late evening. I took about 54grams of Hawaiian p.cubes on an empty stomach. It was very pleasant.

That's an understatement, it was actually intensely fun. My head was filled with all manner of craziness and my heightened perception allowed me to enjoy some excellent music videos. No hippy picks this week though, nothing new really stood out.

As far as trips go, this one was fairly unremarkable, no great revelations or moment of discovery, I was just quite comfortably mashed.

I did watch the eviction night on Big Brother though, which was entertaining enough. Michelle was too cagey during her interview, she should have admitted she shagged Stu. Maybe Davina was right, she's saving it for the tabloids and a big fat payoff. Who can blame her.

Michelle is not as bad as everyone says. Yes, she's came off a bit bossy, but that's because Stuart is so wet and wimpy. One of them had to be in charge and it sure wouldn't have been him. I think she was genuinely excited to be part of the whole Big Brother experience and I think she really digs Stuart as well. I hope she can handle getting dumped, 'cause that boy is gonna run a mile once he is out of that house!

The whole thing wraps up this Friday. They have all been entertaining, but hardly very likeable, I don't really want any of them to win. I can't believe ten weeks has flown by so quickly. I haven't watched this one obsessively, I've missed loads of the highlights shows, especially when I have been working and get home too tired to watch my recording of it. I've still enjoyed what I've seen.

I always get a little bit down at the end of Big Brother, which is completely irrational and silly, I know. BB has been the centerpiece of my summer tv viewing for 5 years now. You get so used to it being there all the time, on tv, the live stream, the website, in the tabloids, that when it goes, you do notice a bit of a hole in your sad little life.

But fear not, as they've done for the last 2 years, E4 will be covering the first week outside of the house of the winner. It's not the same as watching BB, but it still gives you a tiny little fix to keep you going and soften the blow.

There's some good tv coming up soon anyway, including the 5th series of the Sopranos (which is excellent) and the new series of Six Feet Under, both on E4 and at some point Channel 4.

Here in north London, the temperature has hovered around 30 degrees C for the last couple of days. God, I hate the heat. I knew we wouldn't escape the summer without one last blast from nature's inferno. I really need an airconditioner! If this really is global warming, then we are all pretty much fucked. It can't be too long before the oceans boil dry and we all turn to cinders and ash.

Who knows?
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