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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Can I get a extra-special yippeeee for the hippy...? Of course I can!

And why this sudden burst of enthusiasm? Simple: Tonight is my last working night of the summer, I'm not back again until September.

I had one simple goal this summer, to work as much and as hard as I could and that's exactly what I've done. I've worked like a dog for the last 3 months and now I can reap the rewards. High on my list of purchases and expenditures in the short term include a new PC, a new(er) car and a hair transplant.

Ok, I lied about the hair transplant, but the car and the PC are dead certs.

I'm actually feeling professionally pleased with myself having achieved something for a change. My bank account and I are back on speaking terms and I'm in far less debt than I have been in ages. How about another yippppeee?

The next 2 months are looking considerably lighter on a the work front, and that's perfectly ok with me. Don't get me wrong, if there's a chance to do more, I'm enough of a whore that'll I'll do it, I just don't feel as pressured. Oh and the pressure, that was all from me as anyway.

When I finish this morning and walk out the door, I've got about 8 days off. The plan is to sort out loads of real life bullshit that I have been neglecting lately. Like doing my taxes from last year, getting to the dentist and dealing with my car.

Ahh, the hippymobile, the prize in the contest that isn't. Not one single entry. Not one. You all suck. I can't believe there isn't one person out there who wouldn't benefit from a free car in perfect running order...!

Well, the car will be gone soon, one way or another. Don't say I didn't try to give it to *you*. I'll still accept late entries though, so if you thought about entering there is still time. Once the car is gone, I'll take the contest page offline, so if the link is still there, you can still send me that winning email! Go on, you know you wanna...

One of my drug websites is selling proper, tested and verified Kratom now. They have anything from plain unprocessed leaf right up to extract powders and extra-strong stuff. Yes, I'm going to give it a try. I'll order some when I get home this morning. I'd order it now, as well as share the link with you, but I don't have the URL with me. All the cool kids are taking it these days, so its high time I did too.

I think Thursday is hippy party day, though it is unlikely that I'll have it by then, so I might have indulge in some of my special brain medicine instead.

My SBM has been sitting around for a couple of months now. I've been naughty and haven't stored it in the deep-freeze, so there is a chance the potency has declined. I think I'll have to take an extra-big dose then, just to be sure.

Perhaps next month I'll make up some more, if I can get a hold of some Copelandia Cyanescens, otherwise known as Hawaiians, which are touted as a very strong strain of shroom. No rush, but soon, very soon.

I've actually got to deal with some work stuff now, so I'll bid you adieu until next time. Oh go on, just one more little yipppeee for the hippy...

I can't hear you!
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