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Saturday, August 28, 2004

The contest is cancelled. No one wins the hippymobile!

It wasn't for a lack of trying, I gave it a good effort to give away my car, but it's still parked outside. Not for long, I'm going to have it disposed of by my local council. It's a shame, 'cause it still runs fine, everything in it works.

The insurance is up at noon on Sunday; I'm not paying to renew it. I won't be driving it again either. The MOT runs on Thursday, I'm not renewing that either.

My local north London newspaper has many ads for people who will pay cash for your car, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - I phoned them all. None of them wanted the hippymobile. "Too old, mate", each replied in turn. Not me, my car. Well, maybe me too.

I'll sort it out on Tuesday and arrange to have the car removed. My council says they do it on 48 hours notice. I'll probably buy another one at the end of Sept or beginning of October. Something newer, safer, more reliable and smaller ideally.

So no yippppeeee for the hippy today, I haven't earned one. Not even a little one, so don't bother.

I also wussed out and didn't order any kratom. Not wussed, just forgot and by the time I remembered, it was too late to get it here by the weekend. I'll order some this week, as I am around and ready to party next weekend. The site I will use is this one. As you will see if you clicked on the link, they offer various strengths and quantities. Knowing me, I'll go for the strongest one, no reason why I should mess around with something lightweight if there is a more concentrated alternative. I'll probably just go with this: 6g Powdered High Alkaloid Premium Kratom (mitragyna speciosa), though I might consider a larger quantity, just in case I really like it!

Of course, I'll present a full trip report here when I do finally try some. I might even post it on EDIT as well.

I haven't really been that active on the EDIT forums in the last couple of months. I could blame working too much, but that wouldn't be accurate. Truth is, EDIT has been a bit overrun by underage kiddies from America. It's not my message board, so I am hardly in a position to dictate, but they should really tighten up on who can post there. All it is going to take is one little kiddie having a "bad drug experience" and telling mommy and daddy that they got the info to take the "bad drugs" from EDIT and watch them try to shut EDIT down!

I'm rambling and preaching, but you get the idea. EDIT was a good place for old stoners like me to exchange info, but with all the little kiddies, you have to sift through a lot of bullshit to get the decent posts. It's a shame as well, because they just relaunched EDIT's shop and forum with a brand new front-end interface, which looks quite good and is very easy to use. I'll stop pop into the EDIT forums now and again, but not as regularly as I used to do. Naturally, I'll still do my special shopping from EveryoneDoesIt (EDIT) as they have the best selection of goods at the best prices.

I was checking out the Urban75 website today, as they have a big drugs forum. I had to register to read anything, and it forced me, without my consent to become the northlondonhipp (sic) instead of alerting me that my screen name was too long. I'm not impressed with that shit, I can tell you that for nothing. I might need to register as n_londonhippy, since that is closer to who I am. And what I'm all about, of course. Who knows, perhaps the "internet's most shroomtastic stoner" is just what they need on the Urban75 boards with my unique perspectives on all things drug. Or not.

It's crunch week for the hippy this week, I need to score some weed wicked-bad or I will not have any. Dum-dum-dummmmmmmmm. It's a long and tragic tale which I will spare you all, but I have no direct (or indirect) way to reach my usual contact. That's the way it goes sometimes. I'm really stuffed.

If you're in London and you know where I can get some quality spliff, get in touch. North London is of course a plus, I'll be regular, I'll be a prolific shopper, your dealer will thank you for introducing me to them! So will I!

No yipppeees for the hippy until I have at least an ounce of decent skunky bud tucked away! Maybe even two! Ounces, not yippppeees.
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