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Monday, August 16, 2004

I'm still tired.

I had over 6 hours of sleep on Sunday, but I don't feel better for it. I woke up heavy-headed and late, but could have just as easily rolled over and gone back to sleep for another 8 hours. When I finish on Tuesday morning, I am going to crash until Weds. I really need the rest.

I'm thinking I need to check out Kratom soon. It's a legal stimulant that comes from Asia, I think it is made of tree bark. At small doses it is suppose to be speedy, but at the higher doses it is suppose to be very euphoric and mellow. I'll go for a large dose thanks. According to the the Guardian last week, herbal highs are getting more and more popular. Here, you can see for yourself.

I've not tried it yet myself, though I think it is something I should check out very soon. Look, I found a user guide that you can check out too.

I've read good reports about Kratom, and I'll write my own once I've tried some.

Yawn, I really need to wake-up. I'll be on my way home in less than 4 hours, I can hear my pillows crying out "hippy, hippy, hippy".
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