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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It's the last day of August, can Christmas be far behind?

Think I'm being premature, think again! Within a fortnight I promise you will see xmas goods start appearing in your local super-dooper-markets. Just make sure you check the "use by" dates on those mince pies before you buy them!

I spent the bank holiday shroomed up, which is always a pleasant diversion. Not much to report, nothing too dramatic. Perhaps I need to finally switch to a different and stronger strain.

Only caught one new video of note, Mousse T's "Is it 'cos I'm Cool", which is a catchy pop tune and a stylish video as well. Watch out for it.

My other recent musical discoveries have been made on the radio, rather than on the music video channels. The northlondonhippy only does music video picks! I'm all modern like that.

I still haven't ordered any kratom, I'm not sure what's stopping me. Maybe I'll wait a little longer, when I have a better chance to experiment. Whatever that means. It's not the time yet.

I just called my parents, but I didn't really speak to them. Instead, I spoke to one of their home-helpers, the part-timer that visits in the mornings. I got loads of information, so much so that I don't think I have absorbed it all yet.

My dad is in the final stages. Since I spoke to him, less than 2 weeks ago, he has declined significantly. He's hardly eating, he's semi-conscious and he's not sleeping at night. I spoke to him very briefly, he was difficult to understand and mumbling. He said he was always tired.

The home-helper says he's receiving home hospice care. He's comfortable and not in any pain. They don't know how long he's got left, as he has already lasted longer than anyone expected. He hallucinates a bit and keeps trying to get out of bed. He took a minor fall over the weekend.

So much information, all so abstract, it's hard for me to really grasp what's going on. It makes me very sad. And guilty. There's still nothing I can do to help or change any of it.

My mother is on anti-depressives. She has not been coping with all this very well. She cries less now. It's better living through modern medicine. She understands that my father has come home to die. Somehow, having him home with her is making it easier as well.

They've been together for nearly 50 years. Taken within the context of that sort of length of time, the last 2 years of misery and ill health isn't really that bad. I'm glad they have each other.

Oh god, this is really depressing me. Spliff time. (And yes, I still need to score some, can you help?)
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