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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Question everything.

You should wonder why you are here. You’ll never get an answer you can trust or believe though.

That gets kind of dull after a while. You'll never know any of these things, not really. We know nothing. We look around at our world and treat it like it is here just for us. We don't see the bigger picture.

We don't see it, because we can't make sense of it. How can you put your own existence into some sort of context, when you can't comprehend what that context is?

We don't get it, we never will. Whatever guesses we have, from science to the Bible, don't tell us anything. They’re probably all wrong anyway.

The day we stood upright and grasped the concept of "me", we were doomed. I think it was Descartes who first said "I think, therefore I am". The hippy says, "I think, therefore I am confused".

We are equipped with the ability to ask the right questions, but not to obtain sensible, empirically correct answers. This is where faith comes into play.

If you're like me, you have no faith, not in man, not in nature and certainly not in "god".

You're probably nothing like me. Lucky you.

What does that leave? Not a lot. You accept your existence, because there you are, living and breathing. You accept the world because you can't change it, you try to fit in with society.

An organism is just a collection of cells, working together to form a whole. A society is a collection of organisms living together but not always working together. Think of the misery in the world, the floods, famines, the wars, and poverty. Consider the rank stupidity and hubris that is "man". We still don't get it.

I'm the last one to preach Gaia theory, but perhaps they have a point. The planet is a living organism and we are merely a part of it. What Gaia misses out on is the role we play.

We are an infection, a virus, a foreign bacteria, feeding on the host. We are extracting all the nutrients and strength we can from our host, till there is nothing left. No antibiotic will cure this disease.

Ok, that's a bit bleak, but hey, its a thought.

We just don't know. Why are we here? In the vastness of the known universe, why did life appear? Are we an advanced life form?

We think so, because all we have to compare ourselves to are other animals on this planet. Who knows, maybe we in the scheme of the universe, we would be viewed as quite lowly creatures, not evolved very much at all. The universe is nearly infinite, so chances are that other, more superior life forms might have popped up elsewhere.

But what if we are it? What if we are the best the universe can do? What if we are the most advanced, developed beings in existence anywhere, ever? No, that can't be right, but what if it was? What would it mean?

That we haven’t finished yet. We've still got a long evolutionary road to travel. We need to lose our cruelty, our violent nature, and our ability to ignore the awful plight suffered by much of our fellow inhabitants of this silly planet. No civilised society could look itself in the mirror with any self-respect, if it allowed even one of its numbers to go without. Millions around the world have nothing and we do nothing and we are all OK with that.

Or maybe we need not to evolve, but to de-evolve. In the novel "Galapagos", Kurt Vonnegut speculated that we would be a lot happier if we de-evolved. In the book, over time, “man” turned into seal-like creatures who couldn't fathom wondering if "I think, therefore I am” and were much better for it.

Whatever happens, I will go to my grave never knowing the answers to the most fundamental and basic questions that torment me. Perhaps by some huge miracle, all is revealed in some fantasy version of an afterlife, but somehow I doubt it. The world is what it is, you need to take it as you find it or leave it.

I'll take it for now, but not forever. As long as I'm having a laugh, I think I'll stick around. Yeah, hippy you seem like a real barrel of laughs.
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