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Saturday, September 25, 2004

The hippy is home. I arrived early on Saturday morning, on the non-stop chav express running a direct service straight from hell.

Ok, I was in Corfu, which is a nice place, but the airport is a complete fucking joke. The holiday was marred by my return journey, which included a 3 hour wait in a queue outside the airport waiting to check-in. What a mess, charter flights suck.

The airport is relatively small and they dis-organised the check-in by having people queue up outside according to flight number and they let them into the building in groups of 20 people. There were easily a couple of thousand people waiting to leave, treated like cattle on the way to the slaughter. I hated it, no where to sit, to piss, or get a drink for 3 goddamn hours! It really coloured my experience and it would put me off of returning to Corfu again.

Flew into Gatwick, which was in the midst of a bagagge handlers strike. Luckily, since the flight arrived early, we got our suitcases relatively quickly and were in the minicab heading to fabulous north London about an hour after touching down.

Everything was fine once we arrived back in the ghetto, the house and the cats were all cool. I had like 6 hours sleep, but am still feeling exhausted. Oh and I'm back at work already. Yawn.

Not much else to report, but it's nice to be home.
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