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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I've had my hippy hat for over an hour already, though I haven't been writing this entry for that long. I've spent the morning creating a brand new webpage and people say I can't even spell "html"! Glance to the right and you will see a link to the new page, the "BEST" of the hippy!

I think I threatened to make this page in the past, but this morning I finally got around to actually doing it. If you want to read some of my personal favourites, pulled out of the over 100 entries I've made in this blog, then please feel free to explore the links. If you are an obsessive, like me, links to each day's entries still remain down the side of this page, so you can still read them all.

I've got to be honest, because that's what this hippy always is, not every entry I've made is a winner. Matter of fact, having just reviewed every thing I've written for this blog, some of it is absolute shite. I've kept the "BEST" of the hippy to the ones that I've enjoyed when I've returned to read them myself.

All of my entries are littered with mistakes, typos (either through sloppiness or mild dyslexia) and other assorted presentation errors, which I can live with. I decided when I started this blog to get things up and on the web quickly, which means certain standards are not as high as they could be. You can over edit, you can even edit something to death, so I've stuck to this simple rule. I write an entry, read it once, correct the mistakes I see, then click on publish. That's why I've been relatively prolific in the last 6 months.

Today's my first full day off since returning from my holiday. I'm finished for the rest of this week and well, as for next week, I don't even want to think about what I'm up to work-wise. Let's just say I am dreading it and leave it at that.

I've got a stack of books sitting here next to me, my holiday reading list. I promised “one-line reviews” on everything I read while I was away. I'll probably do it later on today, or perhaps tomorrow.

I placed a big order on EDIT, which should be arriving sometime today. I ordered a new grow kit for Koh Samui shrooms, as well as some fresh mexican p.cubes for a big trip on Friday which I am really looking forward to.

I also ordered one of these, Vapureyes Vaporiser. I did a little bit of research of spending between £300-£400, this was the one people seemed to recommend the most. Any of the less expensive models had people complaining they weren't very effective on review sites and messages boards.

A vaporiser doesn't burn weed like smoking, it raises the temp to the level where the THC turns to vapor, but the tar and other nasty bits don't burn at all. It's suppose to be a cleaner, safer way to enjoy weed and hash. I'll let you know.

The reason I've ordered it is simple. I'm planning on giving up cigarettes fairly soon. I don't think I've actually written much about smoking tobacco, but I've been a pack-a-day-hippy for over twenty-two years. It's time to stop, for good.

I've quit before, but always come back, but not this time. Hopefully the vaporiser will be play a role in me not smoking cigs anymore. We'll see. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

That's the problem with drugs, the really REALLY nasty ones, are available retail. Tobacco is a nasty drug, it stinks, it's relatively expensive and it can kill you. At least cocaine doesn't stink up a room.

And look at booze, as I frequently do here, which accounts for more than one-third of all admissions to casualty and A&E departments here in the UK. Nobody dies from shrooms, or weed for that matter. Wake up and see the facts, legalise everything goddamn it.

Well, I'd love to stay here a blog away all day, but I have loads to do today.
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