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Friday, September 24, 2004

Last day in paradise, in about 12 hours a taxi will collect Mrs. Hippy and me and take us to the airport. Our flight departs at 05:50am, which is a shitty time to be taking off, but taking the less attractive flight times means we paid a lot less for the holiday. Actually, we saved quite a bit, as the same trip on a friendlier timed flight was a couple of hundred quid more expensive. So that's the taxis to and from north London paid for and them some!

I've been watching the news, as usual, which has been dominated by news of the 2 hostage beheadings in Iraq. That's 'cause they were Americans, and a third hostage, abducted with the other 2, a Brit, remains in their custody. They'll probably hack his head off as well, though I sincerely hope that they don't.

Once the fundeMENTALISTS get you, that's it, you are as good as dead. We can hope, we can pray, our sympathies certainly go out to their families, but there's fuck-all anyone can do to save them.

I've seen the families video messages to the hostage-takers, pleading for their loved-one's lives and I've felt their pain, though admittedly just a fraction. The poor British guy, his mother was on tv begging for his release. She's 86 and from Liverpool and doesn't deserve this. No one does. I hope they spare his life, but these cunts are merciless killers lacking even a gram of compassion.

The real question is: Why do all of these foreigners go to Iraq?

The answer is not very nice. Greed. You can go on about how much they wish to help the Iraqi people, but if that was the case, they could volunteer to work with an NGO. No, these foreigners are privately employed, contractors, security personnel, etc. They're there for the money.

And the money is good, very good. Everytime some foreigner has his head cut off, I expect the pay improves even more. These people have taken a calculated risk that the cash outweighs the threat. According to CNN, there have been 135 kidnapping since the US invaded, around 21 are still being held.

Would you like to stop the hostage-taking? Simple, all the foreigners need to leave. If you want to live, stay home. If you want to risk your life to make a year's wage in one month, then go on, go to Iraq. But don't say the hippy didn't warn you!

Now I've got friends and colleagues in Baghdad right now, but they're journalists, used to risking their lives to cover a story, especially one as significant as the occupation of Iraq. They are not making a year's wage in one month, not even close. They're there because they choose to be, because it matters to them on an entirely different level from greed.

If you're there laying concrete, or protecting an oil well, you're there because the money is good. Maybe you think it is too good to refuse. Tell that to your wife, or your kids or your parents when they find your headless body down some back alleyway in Baghdad. Money is no consolation when you're dead. Besides they take Amex in heaven, or hell anyway, you don't need to take it with you.

I say this to all foreigners working in Iraq right now, if you are not in the military, you don't have to stay. You can just leave. What are you waiting for, get out, go, now, while you still can!

Iraq's not going to get rebuilt anytime soon whether you are there or not. There's plenty of Iraqis who need the work anyway, let them do it.

And as for pleading with the terrorists to release you family members, well it might make you feel better, but it is not going to work. Asking them to be merciful is about as useful as begging them to accept Jesus Christ as their one true saviour, it just ain't gonna happen.

They should let these relatives use language the terrorist pieces of shit might understand. Remember, once they have a hostage they are as good as dead anyway, so why not tell it like it is. Here's what I'd say:

"Yo fuckers. So you got my father/brother/uncle, big deal. Go on, cut his head off, the heaven he'll go to is better than anything you can imagine. You're going to hell, where Satan is gonna buttfuck you until you bleed out your ears. You cunts. Eventually, you will die and your eternal soul will suck Satan's cock in hell. There's no 72 virgins for you and once you're gone, your family will starve, your mother and sisters will be turning tricks for anyone with a dollar and a hard-on. Do you really think killing foreigners one at a time is gonna win this war? You're even dumber and weaker and bigger pussies than you look. So go on, don't waste anymore time, kill my relative, put him out of his misery. The sooner he is away from you and your miserable stench the better."

That they would understand, not all this begging for mercy shit.

God, I'm rampantly enraged by this. I guess it is really pissing me off.

If you don't want bad things to happen to you, stay home, where it's safe. No amount of money would get me to go to Iraq right now. No way.

Anyway, enough of this nonsense. The next time I do some blogging, I'll be back in London, where I belong. Wish me a good, safe flight, since I haven't taken my own advice and stayed home!
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