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Monday, September 20, 2004

Yup, I'm back again, but then how could I resist. Everytime I pass a PC in a net cafe, the temptation is there. Like an addiction that needs to be fed regularly or the cravings just become too much.

I love to surf the net, I can't help it, I'm a web-junkie. And not just blogging, though it does consume a lot of online time, but checking out my regular websites for news as well.

The tv in my room here in paradise is a bit thin on English language channels. CNN was on the system for the first day or so, then disappeared, but it is back now. Thankfully. No SKY News or BBC World though. Deutsche Welle does English news bulletins, but they don't update them often enough for my tastes. To say I feel somewhat cut off from the wider world would be accurate, so yes, I need my little fix.

It's not that I don't like European tv, putting aside the fact that I am terminally mono-lingual, it's just a bit dull. The German channels run loads of reality tv, including the latest series of Big Brother on RTL, but all the American stuff is dubbed. Same for the French, though we mainly only get TV5, which is top-heavy with worthy documentaries and talk-shows. Italian TV is pretty much a joke, RAI Uno has been running the Miss Italia contest nightly since I got here. Frankly I'm tired of looking at stick-insect Italian women - aren't they suppose to be a bit curvy anyway? And forget about Greek TV, they are still re-running the Olympics every night, even though the games ended weeks ago. The Para-Olympics are running, but the coverage seems to be fixated more on the repeats of the main games. Yawn.

I've now finished 11 books, the ten I brought, plus one of Mrs. Hippy's. She's got a load more with her, but they aren't really to my taste. I'll have to find an English book shop, or re-read some of the one's I've finished. When I get home, I assemble a proper list of what I've read for the blog, with one-line reviews for those of you with a limited attention span, like myself.

Since I put the hit counter on the site, I get a weekly "usage report" on the number of you visitors that drop by. There aren't many of you, are there? Well, if you've managed to stumble upon this blog, congratulations and well done you! I'd still like to promote it and get even more of you, I just don't know how. Even offering my junky old car wasn't enough of an incentive to bring in the punters and even my press release didn't attract anyone's attention. It's like that movie "Field of Dreams", if you build it, they will come. Or not as the case may be.

But then, this blog is not just an exercise in stroking my ego and though I may "the most shroomtastic stoner on the internet", it's really about me having an outlet for my thoughts; someplace where I can speak the truth on any subject without any fear or inhibitions.

Yes, I speak the truth, as much as I'm able. There's precious little I've kept off-limits here. I'm an open book. Go on, flick through my pages. Ohhh, that tickles.

This entry certainly won't make the "best" of the hippy page, when I get 'round to creating it. Sorry. They can't all be gems. Maybe they could if I thought a bit more about having a subject to play with, but that's the beauty of blogging, you can write about nothing if it strikes your fancy.

My stay in paradise will be coming to an end soon, then it's back to the grind of work, work, and more work. Maybe I'll drop by again before I depart, maybe I won't. Whether I do or not, I'm still the northlondonhippy, so come, give us just one little yippppeeee.
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